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Webcast How to implement
a data security plan in
light of the CCPA

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Vivin Speaker

Senior Technical Evangelist

Sid Speaker

Product Specialist

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Why watch this webcast?

With CCPA coming into effect, consumers in California are now entitled to new rights and privileges and, as a result, many businesses are expected to improve their security posture. Many data privacy and security observers believe the CCPA is a precursor to a federal law in the United States.

In this webcast, our compliance experts explore how organizations can implement an effective data security plan in compliance with the CCPA. They'll also discuss three real-life scenarios of how organizations should act in accordance with CCPA.


  • Introduction to the CCPA
  • Key data privacy concepts and what those mean for your organization
  • Responding to new customer requests under the CCPA with the help of use cases
  • Developing a data security strategy for your organization
  • Explore the right IT solutions and best practices to make your organization compliance-ready

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