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CIS Controls® masterclass

Three-part webinar series

With the number of cyberattacks on the rise, organizations today should look for a well-structured security plan to improve their cyberdefense strategy.

May 20, May 27, and June 3
2pm to 3pm EDT
Presented by

Sathish Joseph

Technical Expert
Manager, Strategic Account Management

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About this masterclass

While organizations are looking for guidance to measure and improve their security practices, they are often confused about the best defensive techniques to focus on and the fundamental and valuable security actions they should take. CIS Controls®, which follows prioritized approaches based on cybersecurity best practices and defensive actions, is one of the best recommended resources available.

The CIS Controls were formulated by a group of IT experts at the Center for Internet Security (CIS) using information gathered from actual attacks and their effective defenses. Leveraging this information ensures that these controls are as effective at curbing cyberattacks as possible.

CIS Controls are not one size fits all; they are comprised of 20 cyberdefense recommendations surrounding organizational internet security and split into three distinct categories: basic, foundational, and organizational. Based on your organization's cybersecurity maturity, risk exposure, and availability of security resources, you can plan and prioritize the implementation of various controls.

Learn more about these controls from the experts at ManageEngine, and help your organization carefully plan and implement a best-in-class security program to achieve better cyberhygiene.


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20 May 2021 | 2pm to 3pm EDT

Basic controls

CIS Controls masterclass with ManageEngine

Basic controls are general purpose security controls that should be implemented by every organization to ensure essential cyberdefense readiness. Learn how to establish a baseline for your organization's security by implementing the Basic CIS Controls.

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27 May 2021 | 2pm to 3pm EDT

Foundational controls

CIS Controls masterclass with ManageEngine

The Foundational CIS Controls are those that organizations should implement to counter more specific technical threats. These go beyond the bare minimum and focus on technical best practices that provide clear security benefits.

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3 June 2021 | 2pm to 3pm EDT

Organizational controls

CIS Controls masterclass with ManageEngine

Organizational controls are less focused on technical aspects but more focused on people and processes involved in cybersecurity. They operate at the highest level and are key practices that must be adopted by the organization internally to ensure long-term security maturity.


Speaker details


Sathish Joseph

Technical Expert

Sathish provides 12 years of expertise in enterprise IT management, and he has engaged with clients from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds to define their IT needs. His vast experience comes from more than 100 enterprise implementations centered on help desk, monitoring, endpoint management, and IT security solutions. He currently serves as the Manager, Strategic Account Management team (North America) at ManageEngine, offering consulting services to enterprises in many industries. Sathish focuses on clearly identifying an organizations' IT needs and helping his clients achieve their organization's unique IT management goals.

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Disclaimer: The complete implementation of the CIS Controls® (developed by the Center of Internet Security) requires a variety of solutions, processes, people, and technologies. This webinar discusses some of the ways in which IT management tools can help with the CIS Control requirements. Coupled with other appropriate solutions, processes, and people, ManageEngine's solutions help implement the CIS Controls. This webinar is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered as legal advice for the CIS Controls implementation. ManageEngine makes no warranties, express, implied, or statutory, as to the information in this material.

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