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Conference 2022

Conferences across Canada

Mark your calendar! ManageEngine is going to bring you the best of enterprise IT
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Celebrating 20 years of ManageEngine, we couldn't find a better time to show how we have pushed the envelope to meet modern-day IT management challenges. You can expect forward-thinking addresses from our industry experts, where we'll delve deep into the trends driving the IT landscape in 2022, and discover how you can see beyond the curves.

We can't wait to catch up with you in person and discuss tech over a cup of coffee or tea. Also, don't miss out on exciting giveaways and our fun-filled raffle drawing.

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Featured speakers

  • Shadrick MariaSingam

    Shadrick MariaSingam

    Regional Technical Head at ManageEngine

    Shadrick is a Regional Technical Head at ManageEngine with 13 years of experience. He has held several positions across multiple domains including help desk, networking, device management, and security.

    During his tenure, he has helped implement IT solutions in more than 50 organizations. Shadrick is passionate about helping organizations identify and resolve their IT issues.

  • Bruce McClane

    Bruce McClane

    Regional Manager & Technology Specialist - Identity Security at ManageEngine

    Bruce is a senior technology specialist for Active Directory and Microsoft 365 security here at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho corporation. Being a global speaker, He specialises in guiding various industry peers of IT and security professionals across the globe on how to secure major identity platforms, the Active Directory and Microsoft 365.

  • Aswim Panigrahi

    Aswim Panigrahi

    Technical Account Manager - IT Operations Management at ManageEngine

    Aswim is a product specialist at ManageEngine. He is an expert in IT operations management which stems from his experience of handling several implementations and training for multiple organizations across the globe. He has also donned the hat of a consultant and helped organizations formulate strategies for efficient network management and root cause analysis.

  • Cyril Emmanuel

    Cyril Emmanuel

    Principal Marketing Analyst - IT Operations Management at ManageEngine

    Cyril Emmanuel, is a principal marketing analyst and heads the solutions marketing initiative for ManageEngine's ITOM solutions, which has helped NPMD, ITIM & APM teams in the Fortune 100 worldwide for 20 years. He works closely with CIOs, CTOs, IT leaders to understand the evolution of ITOps with technologies such as AIOps, Digital Experience, and Observability. His knowledge of the challenges faced by ITOps teams, and expertise in the solutions that help tackle these challenges places him in a unique position to share compelling details on the state of IT and how to be poised for success in an evolving world where IT drives business goals.

  • James Raj Sambasivam

    James Raj Sambasivam

    Senior Technical Consultant, Unified Endpoint Management & Security at ManageEngine

    James is a Senior Technical Consultant for unified endpoint management solutions at ManageEngine. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the broadly defined categories of endpoint security, technical support, and product implementation and training. His specialty is guiding customers to make the best choices while selecting and implementing endpoint management and security solutions for enterprise environments.

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