Exclude Files (File Server Audit)

FileAudit Plus allows you to exclude files that you do not want to monitor. Temporary Files, Backup Files and other files which do not require audit significance in your environment can be include the type of files not to be audited.

When a File Type is added to the Exclude list, FileAudit Plus filters out such files even while monitoring changes and thus reports shows only desired audit data. The database is devoid of unnecessary file types this assists in optimal performance of the product.

To add "File types", "Files" to be excluded

  1. From the Configuration Tab of FileAudit Plus

  2. Click on "Exclude Configuration" under Basic Configurations

  3. In the text box provided "Enter File Patterns to exclude from auditing separated by comma"

  4. Click on Save

  • Files of the following types are excluded by default.

  • ~*,*.bak,*.tmp

  • The text box is editable to add or remove any File Types. You can also include specific Files under the Exclude Files Text box.