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Windows File Server Data Security, Information Management, and Compliance Tool
  • Windows File Server Data Security, Information Management,
    and Compliance Tool
    Real-time auditing, reporting, and alerting of file server changes.
    Detailed analysis of file storage and access attempts.

Access Intelligence

  • Access Intelligence
  • Unearth malware and rogue insiders
  • Drill down into anomalies.
  • Recognize file access patterns.
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Storage Scrutiny

  • Storage Scrutiny
  • Uphold corporate data storage policies
  • Isolate files that are stale, non-business, and more.
  • Analyse disk usage.
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Access Rights Audit

  • Access Rights Audit
  • Prevent access exploitation
  • Examine share and security permissions of, files and folders.
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Compliance Demonstration

  • Compliance Demonstration
  • Satisfy regulatory needs
  • PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA, and others.
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Ransomware Response

  • Ransomware Response
  • Detect and counter intrusions
  • Monitor File Integrity in real-time.
  • Wield mass access alerts and response automation.
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Real-time Windows file server auditing and analysis software

FileAudit Plus is a tool that allows real-time monitoring, reporting, and alerting of all the changes made to files and folders on your Windows file server. Additionally, it provides a detailed analysis of file storage and access attempts. It helps improve data security and information management in your Windows file server environment, so you can meet compliance requirements in a comprehensive yet simple and cost-effective way.


Audit and analyze file and folder access

The Access Audit report provides detailed information on the quintessential Four W's—who accessed what, when, and from where. The Access Analysis report provides a summary view of accesses and changes.

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Analyze files and disk space

The File Analysis report helps isolate files that are old, unused, unmodified, large, hidden, or non-business; making data cleanup easier. The Disk Analysis report provides visual insight into disk space usage and trends, facilitating optimization of disk space.

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Actively respond to security breaches

Detect security breaches as and when they occur with alerts that get emailed instantly. Define threshold limits for mass access events such as malware attacks.

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Minimize incident response times

Become proactive with real-time file and folder access and change auditing. Continuously monitor and get notified about critical activities.

Audit access rights

Examine share and security permissions of files and folders and prevent access exploitation.

Meet PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA, and other regulatory needs

Comply with regulatory mandates through consistent auditing and reporting of the file server environment.

Other features

  • Drill down search
  • Role-based access
  • Monitor file integrity
  • Empower data owners with report automation
  • Centralize audits
  • Archive audit data
  • Enhance efficiency with exclusion
  • Snapshot view
  • Excellent usability