Free Azure Performance Monitor Tool - Documents

Getting Started

The Free Azure Performance Monitor Tool helps the developer/administrator to collect and monitor the resource utilization of the deployed Web / Worker Roles. This will help to make the operational and business decisions more quickly with greater confidence.

Settings Window

Please provide the Windows Azure credentials and HTTP proxy credentials (if required).

Windows Azure Credentials

  • Account Name : This is the name in which you have created an account in the Windows Azure environment.
  • Account Key : This is the key provided by the Azure environment.

Proxy Credentials

  • Proxy Host Name - Host name of the Proxy server
  • Proxy Port - Port of the Proxy server
  • Proxy Username - Username of the Proxy Server
  • Proxy Password - Password of the Proxy Server

Click on the "Connect" button in order to view the available deployment id's linked to that storage.

Click on the deployment id which is to be monitored. However, to monitor a different account, the user needs to log out of the current account and add the new account. 

If the connection to Windows Azure environment is successful, this tool populates all deployed Web / Worker Role Instances, along with the Performance Counters that has been configured for each of the WebRole in an elegant tree view.

The performance counters shown are

ASP.NET Counters

Following ASP.NET counter are shown

  • ASP.NET\Application Restarts
  • ASP.NET\Requests Queued
  • ASP.NET\Worker Process Restarts
  • ASP.NET Applications\Errors Total
  • ASP.NET Applications\Requests/Sec

CPU Utilization

  • Processor\% Processor Time
    Tool populates CPU utilization details

Memory Utilization

  • Memory\Available MBytes
    Tools shows Memory Utilization details

Configuring Performance counter Graphs

Select any performance counter in the left tree, then click the setting icon available in the top right corner of the graph view. This will open graph setting dialog. In this dialog , three modes configuration available . They are

  • Default view
    Click and select default option, In this mode, user can enter past time in minutes/hours/days/weeks to view reports.
  • Custom
    Click and select Custom option, In this mode, the user can select a particular starting date and time and an ending date and time to view report.
  • Live Feed
    Click and select Live feed option, In this mode the user can specify the interval in minutes. The data will be continously refreshed between every interval.

Graph Zoom In/Out

By zooming in, you can examine the finer details of the data. To zoom into the graph, click the mouse on the graph and drag along the X-Axis. This will provide a detailed view of the graph based on our selection. The time line provided in the X-axis also gets adjusted according to the selected area. By clicking on the circle on the bottom left corner in the graph you can zoom-out to the original graph.

Event Logs View

Tool populates the events from the Azure . By default, the Event Logs node will be selected in the tree and the latest events details will be displayed.

To get technical assistance or to receive further details regarding Azure Performance Monitor tool, please contact