Free Ping Tool - Documents


The ManageEngine FREE Ping tool is a simple yet powerful tool with an elegant UI that lets you ping multiple IP addresses simultaneously.This tool helps you ping up to 10 devices continuosly at set frequency. The ping data such as IP Address, Round Trip Time(RTT), Time To Live (TTL), Buffer Size and the status gets updated in a table.

Add remote hosts to monitor

Users can enter either Host Name or the IP Address of the remote host in the Address field. Multiple IP Addresses / Hostnames can be added by either clicking the Add button or pressing the "Enter" Key in the Address field.

Start the tool

Click on the Start button to ping the added hosts. Ping data values will be populated in table at a the specified refresh interval.

Stop the tool

Click on the "Stop" button to stop issuing ping requests to all the added hosts.


To clear data and graph, click on "Stop" and then click on "Clear" icon.

Refresh Interval

By default the refresh interval will be set to 5 minutes. Users can customize the refresh interval as per their requirement

Refresh Now

Click on the refresh button to refresh the table and graph in real time

Status Icons

  • Grey Icon : Once a new hots/website is added, a grey icon will be displayed in the status column of the table. This indicates the status of the remote host as "Unknown".
  • Green Icon : Upon successful receipt of ping response, the status icon of respective devices/websites are updated in green. This indicates the status of the remote host as "Success".
  • Red Icon : Hosts that do not get a successful ping response are updated in red. This indicates the status of the remote host as "Failure".


The collected ping data are populated in a table.

  • Delete a row : Click on the "Delete" icon to remove a specific host. Users have to stop the ping tool first before deleting a specific host.
  • Sorting the colums : Users can sort the columns by clicking the "Sort" icon in the table header
  • Help : Users can access the help document by clicking the help icon at the top right corner of the Ping Tool.

Email, Save Option

Email Settings Properties :

The Email Settings properties allow you to specify where emails will be sent.
  • MailServer Details: The Mail Server property includes both "Server Name" & "Server Port" .
  • Email : The "Email" field indicates which email address should receive form data when a user submits form.
  • From : The "From" property indicates which email address should be filled in for the From address.
  • User Name & PassWord : The User Name & Password should be given to provide the access to the user to send emails.

Attachments :

  • The Attachment allows the users to add files to your message. If attachments is not required, user can skip this section.
  • MaxAttachments : The maximum attachments allowed in email settings screen is 5 Files.

Save Option :

The save option enables the user to "Save" the Ping Data, Ping Graph and Trace details as bit map in application bin directory. All the data will be saved based on date & time.

  • PingData : The ping data will be saved in the format "pingdata_2010-12-6-14-43-49.png".
  • PingGraph : The ping graph will be saved in the format "pinggraph_2010-12-7-11-57-5.png".
  • TraceGraph : The trace page will be saved in the format "tracedetails_gmail.com_2010-12-7-11-58-1.png" along with the hostname.