Free SharePoint Health Monitor – Documents

Getting Started

Free SharePoint Health Monitor tool provides a exclusive monitoring of SharePoint 2013 Server, SharePoint 2010 Server and SharePoint 2007 Server.

Start the tool, this will take you to the homepage of the SharePoint Health Monitor tool, Click on the settings button on the tool menu and provide the required details to connect to the SharePoint server. This will make the connection with the server. The tool will automatically connect to previously connected server if any.

Server Settings

To monitor a server, Click on the settings button on the tool menu and fill the following information in the settings view,

  • Host Name / Host IP
  • Domain Name/ Work Group(Optional)
  • UserName
  • Password
  • SharePoint Site Address

Click on Connect button to connect to the server. Click on Cancel button to go to previous page. Once the server is connected, the administrator can view the Dashboard.

Administrator can view the following details by selecting the tab,

  • Dashboard View
  • SharePoint View

Dashboard View

Once the connection to the server successful, the tool will populate the Dashboard View. In this View, the SharePoint Health Monitor shows the exhaustive reports of the Host server and SharePoint Environment. It shows the host parameters details like CPU, Memory and Disk utilization as elegant charts. The SharePoint Environment contains the SharePoint version, SharePoint Status, Current and Maximum connection to the server, ASP Request Queue, ASP Request Rejected, IIS state and SQL state.

SharePoint View

In this view, the SharePoint View shows the important parameters like SharePoint Site response time, SharePoint services like SharePoint Service Search, Timer, Tracer and Office Document Launch service. MSSQL parameters such as Free Pages, Page Reads, Page Writes, SQL Cache memory and Buffer Cache Hit Ratio And also IIS web directory list.

Refresh Server

To know the current status of the server, click on the refresh button available on the tool menu.

Support / Feedback

Need any technical support or want to share any feedback about the tool, you can send your support and feedback by click on the respective link at the top-right links on the tool

Threshold Settings

Using the tool, the administrator can configure the warning threshold and critical threshold for the below parameters. Click on the settings button to configure the threshold values for the following parameters,

  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Disk Utilization

The alert will be shown when the utilization crosses the corresponding threshold values.

  • Refresh Interval
  • Refresh Rate

The connected server will be refreshed automatically at regular interval mention in the Refresh Rate text box available in settings window. The Interval can be configurable between 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

Site Refresh Rate

The tool send request to SharePoint site at regular interval mention in the Site Refresh Rate text box available in settings window. At Regular interval, the Site response time is updated and viewed in the SharePoint Site Response real-time graph. The Interval can be configurable between 5 secs to 3600 secs(1 hour).

Retaining Values

The tool will automatically saves the server configuration in the host server. During the restart of the tool, it will automatically populates server details.. The server configuration will be saved in file only if the user have write permission. All the input parameters in the settings windows will be saved in the file.