Government organizations at every level face IT challenges that could hamper their operations and cause harm to the organization and the citizens they serve. In addition to these challenges, federal agencies must also meet the demands of IT modernization and adhere to compliance mandates.

To take on these challenges, IT teams for federal, state, and local agencies should be able to:

  • Modernize and strengthen their IT infrastructure.
  • Support and secure legacy and modern systems.
  • Manage and monitor access to sensitive assets and key
    information systems.
  • Ensure optimal performance, uptime, and availability of
    systems and applications.
  • Digitize services and improve the citizen experience.
  • Enable proactive cyberdefense strategies and ensure
    regulatory compliance.
  • Analyze data to make informed decisions.

IT solutions for government organizations

Our comprehensive suite of on-premises and cloud-based IT management solutions for the government industry will help you overcome IT obstacles and enhance your IT operations.

Manage and monitor IT infrastructure

As government organizations modernize and digitalize operations, it falls on their IT teams to preempt unplanned outages and network downtime, and optimize the user experience on their applications and websites. IT teams need to ensure high uptime and availability of government portals to deliver exemplary service to their citizens.

Our key capabilities:

ManageEngine's network and application management solutions help with real-time monitoring and management of government networks, devices, and applications. Our solutions help:

  • Monitor ever expanding IT environments to get 360-degree views of traditional, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures.
  • Discover and eliminate performance bottlenecks automatically to keep your critical systems up, accelerate processes, and reduce operational costs.
  • Automatically back up network configurations and track unauthorized changes in real time to ensure accountability.

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Manage and monitor IT infrastructure
Manage and secure both legacy and modern systems - ManageEngine

Manage and secure both legacy and modern systems

Adoption of new technologies might introduce new complexities in IT administration for government organizations. IT admins need to manage and secure legacy systems along with modern desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and other endpoints. Securing this wide variety of organization endpoints can be cumbersome and expensive.

Our key capabilities:

ManageEngine's unified endpoint management solutions help manage, update, and secure all agency endpoints from a central console, helping IT teams:

  • Manage rapidly increasing asset footprints—endpoints—in your organization from a central location.
  • Automate and streamline routine device management tasks.
  • Manage asset configuration, map asset relationships, and visually analyze the impact of changes and outages for informed decision making.
  • Automatically track hardware and software inventories and cut costs by eliminating licensing and support contract redundancy.
  • Remotely control and troubleshoot systems, back up disk images, install software applications, and more.
  • Prevent the use of unauthorized and malicious applications with application allow lists and block lists.
  • Automate OS and third-party application patch deployments to secure endpoints against high-priority vulnerabilities.
  • Enable secure mobility for your workforce—protect mobile devices and prevent data leaks by remotely wiping sensitive information from lost or stolen devices.

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Manage and secure access to services and assets

Digital transformation has helped improve the efficiency and reach of various government organizations' services. However, it has also added new concerns about managing and monitoring access to various services, resources, and sensitive assets.

Our key capabilities:

ManageEngine's identity and access management solutions help with governing access, enforcing security, and ensuring compliance by enabling IT admins to:

  • Manage and monitor access to data, applications, and online services; and ensure they are authorized, secure, and compliant.
  • Implement secure single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to reduce password-associated risks.
  • Implement Zero Trust security principles—always verify user identities and grant users the least amount of privileges needed to accomplish their tasks.
  • Monitor privileged accounts, track and record all privileged activities in real time, and secure remote access to avoid compromise of sensitive government data.
  • Simplify identity and access provisioning to provide employees and citizens secure, just-in-time access to the resources they need.

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Manage and secure access to services and assets - ManageEngine
Prevent cyberattacks and ensure regulatory compliance - ManageEngine

Prevent cyberattacks and ensure regulatory compliance

Government organizations have always been a popular target for cyber espionage and other more disruptive attacks. As cybercriminals grow bolder and more advanced, these attacks have grown more frequent and dangerous, endangering not just sensitive information, but also the flow of critical supplies and services, and even the health of citizens.

Our key capabilities:

ManageEngine security solutions provide actionable insights to preempt, identify, and mitigate cyberattacks and secure privileged user access in real time. Along with this, our solutions help ensure safety and compliance with regulatory or internal mandates with predefined and customizable compliance reports. Our solutions enable government IT teams to:

  • Ensure end-to-end log management and analysis to detect and alert security teams about cyberthreats or security incidents.
  • Use user entity behavior analytics to detect insider threats, account compromise, data exfiltration, and other attacks in real time.
  • Communicate with multiple threat feeds to update threat definitions and scan the network for signs of possible cyberthreats.
  • Track all user activities and changes made within the Active Directory environment.
  • Gain complete visibility into Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online, and AWS cloud infrastructures.
  • Generate predefined or custom reports to track and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, GPG 13, and the GDPR.

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Improve both the employee and citizen experience

Citizens and employees expect good experiences when interacting with government services. Agencies need to ensure they can swiftly resolve incidents, citizen questions, and internal service requests.

Our key capabilities:

ManageEngine's enterprise service management solutions ensure IT help desks are covered on all fronts. These solutions extend best practice ITSM capabilities to all departments within an organization, allowing them to:

  • Ensure 360-degree visibility and central control in service management.
  • Step up from daily firefighting to delivering awesome customer experiences.
  • Offer around-the-clock support, creating better experiences for citizens and employees.
  • Automate help desk functions with intelligent workflows and self-service portals that empower end users to self-solve repeat incidents.
  • Maintain end-to-end communication with citizens to promote engagement while maintaining security and compliance.

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Improve both the employee and citizen experience - ManageEngine
Use data to make informed decisions - ManageEngine

Use data to make informed decisions

Government agencies have access to a wide variety of data, which can help inform their IT decisions and improve operations. However, the sheer wealth of data available makes it difficult to draw actionable insights manually.

Our key capabilities:

ManageEngine's AI-enabled IT analytics solution can help IT teams connect the dots and make smart IT decisions on the move. Our analytics solution can help:

  • Enable faster and more accurate decision-making to improve IT efficiency.
  • Solve problems, optimize operations, and make better cost-saving decisions by unifying data from multiple sources to get a 360-degree view of the IT infrastructure.
  • Use visual analysis to determine the root cause of recurring incidents and reduce incident volumes.
  • Predict and prepare for the impacts of planned and unplanned changes on government services, citizen welfare, and end-user productivity.

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Why ManageEngine?

ManageEngine provides IT management solutions to millions of users worldwide to address their IT challenges. Our solutions are tightly coupled and can seamlessly communicate with each other to streamline and synchronize your entire IT network.

Security is a key component in all our offerings and is reflected in our people, processes, and products. Our solutions are audited and certified by trusted compliance bodies across the globe to ensure that your data is always safe and secure with us.

Some of the key advantages of ManageEngine solutions include:

  • Contextual integrations to enhance collaboration and productivity.
  • Scalability in the face of evolving business needs and market conditions.
  • State-of-the-art data centers across the globe with tailored data processing options.
  • Highly secure facilities equipped with around-the-clock security measures to protect data from physical and natural disasters.
  • Out-of-the-box reports for various compliance regulations and industry standards.

Our certifications

We strictly adhere to certifications and regulatory mandates to ensure data security and privacy.

Visit our certifications page for more details.

How to purchase?

Let ManageEngine help you manage and modernize your agency’s IT operations. Our IT management
software is easy to deploy, easy to use, feature rich, and available for purchase at discounted prices
through the GSA Schedule. Work with a ManageEngine partner to find the right IT solution for you.

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Northwind Technologies

Staffed with IT infrastructure management professionals, Northwind Technologies offers consulting services on building and running an efficient IT infrastructure services model. It assists in conducting IT assessments, as well as designing and implementing the latest technologies to simplify operations with proven solutions that deliver value to your business.


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