Gain a comprehensive view of your organization's security with access insights

Unveiling visibility and elevating compliance with Identity360

  • $4.45 million

    The average cost of a data breach was estimated to be around $3.86 million globally.*

  • 54%

    Over 54% of organizations considered business intelligence and reporting tools critical for their operations.

  • 63%

    Over 63% of organizations reported that managing compliance risk was a top business priority.

Unlock superior access
for your organization's security and efficiency

Identity360 provides access insights to fortify your enterprise's data protection and operational efficiency.

One dashboard for all management
Discover insights with in-depth reports

One dashboard for all management

  • The Dashboard tab presents a flat, visually intuitive UI, offering a graphical overview of key top-level information.
  • The Dashboard tab in Identity360 is categorized based on the identity stores the administrators have integrated with, allowing them to gain insights into various aspects from a single console.
  • The Dashboard tab displays insights found in the Reports tab, summarizing essential metrics from reports, such as total users and groups, user logon activity, and application access, all continuously updated via automatic directory sync.
  • The quicklinks located on the right-hand side of the Dashboard tab serve as handy shortcuts to different sections within the product.
Centralized management

Discover insights with in-depth reports

  • Identity360 comes built-in with several reports, all of which are placed under the Reports tab, providing insights into user-related data across your integrated directories such as Universal Directory, Azure AD, and Salesforce.
  • Identity360 offers a comprehensive range of reports allowing administrators to gain visibility into various aspects such as user and admin activities, application access, MFA attempts, license consumption, password expiration, and more.
  • Admins can discover a range of export options for your reports, including HTML, PDF, XLS, and CSV formats.
Advanced Delegation

How to elevate operational efficiency with access insights

Here's how access insights works when an admin assigns an application to a user

  • Administrators assign specific applications to users based on their roles and responsibilities within the organization.
  • 2. Users across the organization gain access to the designated applications.
  • Access insights provides administrators with real-time visibility into who is accessing which applications, from where, and at what time.
  • Admins can track login attempts, usage patterns, and access behavior. Suspicious or unauthorized activities are flagged for immediate attention.

Why choose access insights with Identity360?

Enhanced visibility

Access insights with Identity360 provides a deeper understanding of user activities and behaviors within the systems.

Informed decisions

The heightened visibility enables you to make informed decisions based on real-time data and user interactions.

Compliance assurance

Access insights help ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal policies by tracking user interactions.

Proactive management

With Identity360 access insights, you can proactively manage user access, prevent unauthorized actions, and maintain a secure environment.

Strategic advantage

Access insights offer a strategic advantage by providing a comprehensive view of user activities, enabling organizations to stay ahead of security threats and make data-driven decisions.

Discover why access insights are vital for
your organizational success

Unlocking access insights is paramount for driving your organization's success. These insights provide a window into user interactions and accesses within your systems. This in-depth knowledge equips your organization to proactively identify and address security vulnerabilities, ensuring robust protection for sensitive data.

These insights offer a comprehensive view of compliance adherence, enabling you to align your operations with industry regulations. By harnessing the power of access insights through Identity360, your organizational landscape transforms into one of enhanced efficiency, security, and resilience, ultimately propelling your success to new heights.

Gain deeper visibility with access insights

Frequently asked questions

What are access insights?

Access insights refer to the valuable data and information gathered from monitoring and analyzing user interactions and access activities within systems, applications, and resources.

Why are access insights important?

Access insights offer a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, helping organizations enhance security, ensure compliance, and optimize operational efficiency.

How can access insights improve security?

Access insights enable the timely detection of unusual or unauthorized access patterns, allowing organizations to respond quickly and prevent potential security breaches.

What role does access insights play in compliance?

Access insights assist in tracking and auditing user actions, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and internal policies, and generating reports for compliance purposes.

Are access insights scalable for large organizations?

Access insights can be tailored to suit the needs of organizations of all sizes. They are designed to handle varying scales of data and user activities.

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