Embrace delegation to transform your IT support environment!

Lend a hand to your IT admins by entrusting everyday tasks to technicians.

  • 81%

    81% of system administrators agree that they are shouldering many responsibilities with minimal assistance.*

  • 70:1

    The ideal ratio of employees to help desk technicians, as suggested by Gartner is 70:1.

  • 60%

    Almost 60% of IT administrators feel burned out and believe they are not adequately compensated.

Empower your IT admins to focus on tackling critical issues

Identity360 assists you in achieving delegation of routine management tasks with ease.

Centralized management
Technicians roles

Centralized management

Identity360 assists offloading management tasks and common IT issues to non-administrative users, which helps reduce their workload and increase their productivity. These users will be delegated a specific help desk role to manage multiple directories and applications that are assigned to them. From a centralized console, the delegated roles for these technicians can be enabled or disabled, and their delegated roles, directories, and applications can be modified.

Centralized management

Technicians roles

Identity360 provides predefined technician roles like Super Admin, Admin, and Operator. Technicians will be granted access to perform management tasks that are tailored to their designated roles, including user and group administration, orchestration management, report generation, application assignment to users, and security functions like MFA and SSO.

Technicians roles

How does help desk delegation work in Identity360?

Here is how delegation works if you want, for example, to assign permissions to non-administrative users to generate reports,

  • Choose from the predefined help desk technician roles in Identity360 like Super Admin, Admin, and Operator.
  • If you prefer not to assign administrators' roles with high-level responsibilities to technicians, you can opt for the operator role, which allows technicians to access and generate a wide range of reports available in Identity360.
  • Assign this role to the desired user(s) and delegate directories and applications to them.
  • These users can now view and generate the particular set of reports that are assigned to them based on their help desk role in the Identity360 portal.

Why do you need
to delegate management tasks to users?

Reduced workload

By delegating management tasks to technicians, the workload for IT admins can be decreased, mitigating burnout, and boosting job satisfaction.

Enhanced response time

Technicians will address user requests and resolve issues swiftly, leading to reduced response time and improved efficiency compared to administrators.

More focus on crucial issues

IT admins can focus on high-priority concerns like fortifying security and improving IT infrastructure, while the technicians handle routine activities.

Cost-beneficial approach

Handling day-to-day tasks demands more workforce, and since higher compensation is needed for IT admins, delegating these responsibilities to other technicians can be a cost-effective solution.

Optimized resource utilization

Delegation ensures that the right people are handling the right tasks at the right time, which promotes better utilization of IT resources.

Why does your organization need delegation?

Delegating management activities to a specialized team of technicians in your organization ensures enhanced user experience as issues are promptly resolved, enabling employees to remain productive. IT admins won't have to worry about delays in resolving critical issues as they can allocate time to address them without being burdened by lower-priority tasks. This promotes streamlined IT management and risk mitigation. Having help desk technicians adhere to standardized procedures to handle common IT issues ensures consistency in issue resolution.

Unburden your IT admins' workload with delegation

Frequently asked questions

1. What is help desk delegation?

Help desk delegation is the process of assigning specific IT tasks and responsibilities to non-admin users to assist in handling routine IT management activities. Delegating tasks to help desk technicians helps optimize the management of IT resources and increase the productivity of IT admins.

2. Who are help desk technicians?

Help desk technicians are non-administrative users who are authorized to carry out the tasks delegated by the IT admin. These technicians aid users to resolve IT issues, provide solutions to common technical challenges, and manage administrative duties to reduce the IT admin's workload.

3. What are the help desk roles offered by Identity360?

Identity360 provides established roles like Super Admin, Admin, and Operator. You can select any of these roles based on the tasks and responsibilities you need to delegate to the technicians.

4. What tasks can be assigned to help desk technicians through delegation?

Identity360 enables technicians to handle a range of tasks which are aligned with their delegated roles, such as user and group management, orchestration, application assignment and access management, report generation, license management, and security functions like MFA, SSO and password reset.

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