Simplify Azure AD management
with Identity360

If managing your Azure AD environment appears complex and challenging, Identity360 has your back!

  • 95%

    95% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted Azure AD.*

  • 50 million

    Azure AD detects 50 million password attacks daily, yet only 20% of users and 30% of admins use strong authentication practices.*

  • 25 minutes

    Users spend at least 25 minutes during each visit dealing with Azure AD's complex interface.

Achieve streamlined
identity life cycle management

for your Azure users

Identity360 aids you in optimizing user life cycle management and managing access to resources efficiently.

Effortless Identity management
One-click access with SSO
Predefined reports

Effortless Identity management

Identity360 provides you with comprehensive control over user life cycle management in your Azure AD environment. It allows you to create, manage, and delete users within your Azure AD setup and throughout all the integrated applications. Moreover, it provides the flexibility to delegate specific Azure AD management tasks to help desk technicians.

Effortless Identity management

One-click access with SSO

Identity360 provides seamless access to Azure AD and other enterprise applications by implementing SSO, allowing you to log in with a single set of credentials. Integrating Azure AD with Identity360 and implementing SSO will enhance the user experience by minimizing authentication and access conflicts.

One-click access with SSO

Predefined reports

Identity360 allows you to generate an extensive array of Azure AD reports, including those on cloud and synced users, newly created and deleted users, account lockouts, and password expirations. These reports simplify the auditing and monitoring processes and empower you to gain centralized control over your Azure AD environment through the insights obtained.

Predefined reports

How do you manage Azure AD users in Identity360?

Here is how you can seamlessly manage your users in Azure AD by integrating with Identity360:

  • When you integrate Azure AD with Identity360, our solution promptly retrieves your Azure AD user data and displays it in Universal Directory, fostering centralized user identity management through a single console.
  • When users join the organization, user accounts for Azure users are created across the necessary applications and other directories using orchestration.
  • If a user's role is modified in Azure AD, their corresponding role in all the assigned applications is also modified.
  • Users are assigned applications that are integrated with Identity360, allowing them to access the applications with a single set of credentials through SSO.
  • Unauthorized access can be prevented by enabling MFA to validate every user's identity during authentication.
  • When a user leaves the organization, and their account is deleted in Azure AD, their corresponding accounts in the associated directories and applications are also deleted, and their access permissions are revoked by Identity360.

What role does
Identity360 play in Azure AD management?

Custom integrations

Identity360 facilitates hassle-free integrations with custom and third-party applications, enabling you to assign them to your organization's Azure AD users.

Centralized identity management

The Azure AD integration with Identity360 centralizes the management of user identities, allowing you to administrate user accounts, access controls, and permissions through a single console. It simplifies administrative tasks and enhances operational efficiency.

Seamless provisioning and deprovisioning

When an employee joins or leaves your organization, their user account and access permissions are automatically managed by Identity360, minimizing the risks of potential errors and unauthorized access.

Stress-free compliance

Identity360 has the capability to generate comprehensive reports that assist your organization in monitoring user activities, tracking access to sensitive data, and fulfilling compliance requirements.

Enhanced security

Identity360 offers enhanced security features, including SSO for accessing assigned applications with a single set of credentials and MFA for bolstering the security of your Azure AD environment.

Why does your organization need to
integrate Azure AD
with Identity360?

Your organization may have a diverse range of applications and services that need to be integrated with Azure AD. When it comes to integrating custom applications, additional configuration within Azure AD itself is often required. However, with Identity360, you can seamlessly integrate your custom applications and assign them to your Azure AD users.

Identity360 provides robust monitoring and auditing processes for Azure AD, maintaining security and compliance. Additionally, if your organization has multiple user roles, Identity360 allows you to define and manage access controls and permissions as well as assign the necessary applications, which can be complex tasks to perform directly in your Azure AD environment.

Effortlessly manage users in Azure AD with Identity360

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Azure AD integration?

Azure AD integration involves the secure integration of your Azure AD environment with Identity360, allowing you to manage your Azure AD users, their permissions, and application assignments directly from the Identity360 platform.

2. What are the benefits that can be derived from Azure AD integration with Identity360?

Identity360 streamlines the management of the user identities, access controls, and application permissions of Azure AD. It allows for easy integrations with custom and third-party applications and provides automated provisioning and deprovisioning of user accounts to promote smooth employee onboarding and offboarding. Additionally, Identity360 fortifies the security of your Azure AD environment through SSO and MFA.

3. Can integrating Azure AD with Identity360 help with compliance requirements?

Identity360 offers extensive reports on Azure AD users, including information on user account creations, modifications, and deletions; account lockouts; and password management. These reports are essential for meeting data retention and access control compliance requirements. Additionally, you can view the insights of these reports from the Identity360 dashboard.

4. Is it possible to use Identity360's SSO for Azure AD login?

Yes. Identity360 enhances security and simplifies application access with just a single click. By logging in to Identity360, you can secure access to the Azure AD portal.

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Sources: *Microsoft; †Semrush.