About Identity360

ManageEngine Identity360 is an identity platform that helps enterprises address workforce IAM challenges. Its powerful capabilities include its built-in Universal Directory, identity orchestration, SSO, MFA for enterprise apps and endpoints, role-based access control, detailed reports, and more. It empowers admins to manage identities across directories and their access to enterprise applications from a secure, centralized console. With Identity360, not only can enterprises scale their businesses effortlessly, but they can also ensure compliance and identity-first security.


Universal Directory: Store and manage your digital identities in the built-in directory, and streamline user management by governing users from multiple directories and applications via a centralized console.

Integrations: Optimize efficiency, user experience, and security through streamlined identity management and access control across a wide range of enterprise applications.

User life cycle management: Automate user life cycle management by provisioning and deprovisioning users across various applications and services using the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM).

Orchestration: Perform various operations such as creating, modifying, and deleting users across multiple directories and applications, which enables you to streamline IAM tasks and facilitates centralized access control.

Smart templates: Create templates focused on directories, applications, or attribute-specific requirements to streamline the onboarding of new employees, enhancing the efficiency of identity administration.

MFA: Secure access to enterprise applications, Windows machines, remote sessions, and privilege actions by implementing an additional layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access.

SSO: Enable one-click access to enterprise applications through SSO, allowing users to effortlessly log in once with a single set of credentials and access all their enterprise applications with ease.

Access management: Ensure that user access aligns with their duties and the security requirements of the organization and right users have access to the right resources by assigning or revoking application access to users.

Help desk delegation: Delegate specific IT tasks and responsibilities to non-admin users to support routine IT management activities.

Pre-defined reports: Gain insights from comprehensive built-in reports that track user access to applications, monitor user authentication, and oversee administrator actions within integrated directories.

Supported integrations

Identity360 provides out-of-the-box integrations with the following directories and applications:

You can also import users from other directories or systems, which makes it easy to provide users with access to the applications they need.

Supported applications

Identity360 supports any cloud-based or on-premises application that is SAML-, OAuth-, or OIDC-enabled. If you have a custom application that supports any of these protocols, it can be configured for SSO in Identity360.

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