About Identity360

ManageEngine Identity360 is an identity platform that helps enterprises address workforce IAM challenges. Its powerful capabilities include its built-in Universal Directory, identity orchestration, SSO, MFA, role-based access control, access insights, and more. It empowers admins to manage identities across directories and their access to enterprise applications from a secure, centralized console. With Identity360, not only can enterprises scale their businesses effortlessly, but they can also ensure compliance and identity-first security.


Universal Directory: Centralize user management by seamlessly unifying users from multiple directories and applications, providing a single point of access management.

Integrations: Facilitate a streamlined approach to user authentication by using Universal Directory as the identity provider (IdP) for a wide range of integrated applications and directories.

Enterprise SSO: Enable one-click access to enterprise applications through SSO, allowing users to effortlessly log in once with a single set of credentials and access all their corporate applications with ease.

MFA: Secure access to enterprise applications by implementing an additional layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access.

Access management: Ensure that the right employees have access to the right applications by assigning or revoking application access to users.

User life cycle management: Automate user life cycle management by provisioning and deprovisioning users across various applications and services using the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM).

Reporting and analytics: View detailed reports that track user access to applications, and audit administrator actions through an exclusive report providing insights into changes made to directories, user accounts, and applications.

Orchestration: Perform diverse actions across multiple directories, simplifying IAM tasks and enabling centralized access control.

Help desk delegation: Delegate specific IT tasks and responsibilities to non-admin users to support routine IT management activities.

Supported integrations

Identity360 provides out-of-the-box integrations with the following directories and applications:

You can also import users from other directories or systems, which makes it easy to provide users with access to the applications they need.

Supported applications

Identity360 supports any cloud-based or on-premises application that is SAML-, OAuth-, or OpenID Connect-enabled. If you have a custom application that supports any of these protocols, it can be configured for SSO in Identity360.

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