Creating technicians in Identity360 helps administrators delegate simple and mundane tasks that do not require a high level of expertise to non-admin users. This helps administrators have enough time to focus on mission-critical tasks.

Note: The Super Admin role will be designated to the first user who signs up for Identity360, and the role cannot be modified.

Creating new technicians

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab > Administration > Technicians.
  2. Click Add New Technician at the top right corner.
  3. In the Select User(s) field, select the users that you wish to assign as technicians by clicking the icon-add icon.
  4. Select the role from the Select Role drop-down menu. You can choose between Admin and Operator roles.
    • The Super Admin holds full control of the product.
    • The Admin holds full control, except for the ability to modify the product's subscription.
    • The Operator is capable of auditing the operations within the application.
  5. Click Add.

Editing Technicians

To edit the created technicians, click the icon-edit icon in the Action column next to the technician you wish to edit. Make the changes and click Edit.

Enabling or Disabling

To enable or disable a technician, click the icon-enable / icon-disable icons.

Deleting Technicians

To delete technicians, click the icon-delete icon in the Action column next to the technician you wish to delete.

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