When you log in to Identity360 as an admin, the Dashboard is the first page you see. The Dashboard shows key metrics related to users, groups, and applications from all integrated directories and applications. Administrators can quickly access and gain insights from these well-structured graphical charts from a single console.

For instance, when you integrate Azure AD or Salesforce with Identity360, you gain the ability to manage all your identities centrally, and the Dashboard tab displays graphs providing insights into various aspects, including the following:

Similarly, when you integrate other directories and applications with Identity360, it streamlines the centralized management, storage, and accessibility of user and group information for administrators.

Universal Directory

On the Universal Directory tab on the Dashboard, administrators can access a variety of informative graphs that provide essential information, including the following:

These graphs ensure that administrators have access to real-time data, allowing for prompt decision-making and effective monitoring of crucial metrics.

Quick links

The quick links, positioned on the right side of the Dashboard tab, serve as shortcuts that grant administrators effortless access to various sections and features within the product.

  1. The User Management section provides links for configuring the following features in Identity360:
    • User Provisioning: This feature allows administrators to add new users to your organization's directories and applications directly from the Dashboard.
    • User Deprovisioning: This feature allows the seamless offboarding of users by revoking access permissions, transferring data ownership, and deactivating accounts when needed.
    • Enable/Disable User: This feature enables administrators to manage user access by easily enabling or disabling user accounts according to your organization's needs.
    • Reset Password: This feature enables the effortless resetting of users' passwords to ensure secure access and minimize downtime due to forgotten credentials.
    • Unlock Users: This feature helps users who are locked out of their accounts quickly regain access to resources without interruption.
  2. The Application Management section offers a link for configuring and managing application access.
    • Application Access Management: This feature allows administrators to efficiently configure and manage user access to applications, enhancing security and the user experience.
  3. The User Reports section offers links for accessing a variety of reports on the Reports tab, including:
    • Universal Directory Reports: This link directs administrators to utilize diverse reports in Identity360 to gain insights into users, technicians, applications, and license-related data for all users in all connected directories and applications, enhancing identity management.
    • Azure Active Directory Reports: This link directs administrators to the Reports tab to monitor user-centric reports, account status reports, and password status reports.
    • Salesforce Reports: This link directs administrators to the Reports tab to gather insights on the users and groups in your Salesforce environment.
  4. The Integrations section offers links for integrating directories and applications.
    • Directory Integration: This feature enables administrators to integrate other directories, expanding the capabilities of identity management and simplifying administrative tasks.
    • Application Integration: This feature allows administrators to use Universal Directory as the identity provider (IdP) for various integrated applications.

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