Streamline IAM processes with
centralized cloud orchestration

Orchestrate your path to success

  • $105 billion

    The cloud orchestration market size is expected to reach over $105 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 21.4%.*

  • 88%

    88% of organizations say standardized task execution enables faster operations, lead closure and reduced error rates.

  • $4.4 million

    The average business can increase in value by $4.4 million by using low-code solutions.

Mastering orchestration
for your enterprise's intricate workflows

Identity360 excels at orchestrating complex identity management processes for improved productivity.

Orchestration profiles

A no-code workflow builder

360-degree management

360-degree management

  • Manage the entire life cycle of digital identities, from smoothly onboarding new users and maintaining their access permissions to removing their accounts and access when no longer required.
  • Facilitate the efficient management of users, roles, permissions, and access across the diverse directories and applications utilized within your organization.
  • Simplify tasks, reduce errors, and excel at IAM tasks while minimizing data entry through the orchestrated approach.
  • Orchestrate events across external applications from a single interface to streamline business performance.
Manage the entire life cycle of digital identities with ManageEngine Identity360

Orchestration profiles

  • Gain control over your IAM processes, empowering your organization to adapt swiftly to evolving security needs and compliance requirements.
  • Create and manage multiple profiles, each tailored to your specific needs across your organization, to automate all repetitive actions.
  • Integrate with your existing infrastructure seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition. Whether you're working with on-premises directories, cloud-based applications, or a combination of both, our orchestration framework adapts to your environment.
  • Get notifications on orchestration events to stay informed about critical developments in your IAM processes. These notifications are tailored to individual users to ensure efficiency and security, making them more relevant and actionable for each recipient.
Create orchestration profiles to carry out a set of tasks with ManageEngine Identity360

A no-code workflow builder

  • Perform various actions across Universal Directory, other directories, and applications by leveraging a no-code interface to streamline IAM tasks.
  • Configure a filter to tailor your criteria, ensuring that the orchestration engine triggers orchestration actions and notifications exclusively for users who meet your specified conditions.
  • Utilize user attributes across directories and applications to fine-tune orchestration criteria using a no-code approach.
Configure a filter to tailor your orchestration criteria with ManageEngine Identity360

How orchestration helps in streamlining your IAM tasks

Here is how orchestration in Identity360 works when a user is being onboarded.

How orchestration works in ManageEngine Identity360
  • The provisioning process begins when a new user is added to the organization or when an existing user requires access to specific resources.
  • The criteria builder allows administrators to define specific conditions and criteria for user provisioning.
  • Based on the criteria set in the previous step, Identity360's orchestration engine automates a series of actions for user provisioning. These actions may include creating a user account in various directories, syncing user data across applications, assigning roles and permissions, and configuring access settings.
  • With the orchestration process complete, the user gains access not only to Identity360 but also to all relevant enterprise applications assigned to them through SSO.
  • Upon provisioning, Identity360 provides tools and features for administrators to track user activity and maintain a secure environment.

What advantages
does orchestration
offer your


Orchestration streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and coordinates processes, resulting in increased operational efficiency and reduced manual effort.

Cross-platform integration

Orchestration bridges the gap between diverse systems and applications, enabling seamless collaboration and data exchange across the organization.

Cost savings

By streamlining processes and reducing manual intervention, orchestration lowers operational costs associated with errors, delays, and redundant tasks.

Role-based access control

Orchestration simplifies role-based access control implementation, making it easier to define and manage user roles, access privileges, and permissions across directories.


As organizations grow, orchestration can easily adapt to new directories and applications, providing scalability and flexibility in IAM processes.

What is the significance of
orchestration for your organization?

In the organizational context, orchestration plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations and ensuring the efficient management of user attributes. For instance, if there is a change in a specific user attribute, such as their office location shifting from the United States to the United Kingdom within Universal Directory, orchestration initiates a series of automated actions. First, an immediate notification is sent to the administrator, informing them of the user's relocation to a different office. Subsequently, the user's work location is automatically updated across all configured directories and applications. Additionally, access management is seamlessly handled as access to applications associated with the US office is revoked, while access to those related to the UK office is granted. This orchestrated process not only ensures timely updates but also maintains security and compliance standards within the organization.

Achieve more with less effort using Identity360's orchestration.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is orchestration in Identity360?

Orchestration in Identity360 refers to the automated and streamlined management of identity and access processes, including user onboarding, access management, and user offboarding. It involves the use of our orchestration engine to efficiently perform these tasks.

2. How does orchestration simplify user onboarding?

Orchestration simplifies user onboarding by automating the process of creating and syncing users from various directories and applications in Universal Directory. This ensures a seamless transition for new users joining the organization.

3. How can I extend my control over IAM processes with orchestration?

You can extend your control over IAM processes by using orchestration to perform actions in other directories and apps. You have the flexibility to choose from actions like creating users, modifying users, deleting users, and modifying roles in selected directories and apps.

4. Can I receive notifications for orchestration events?

Yes, you can enable notifications for orchestration events. This feature allows you to stay informed in real time about critical orchestration developments, ensuring that your IAM processes remain efficient and secure.

5. Is Identity360's orchestration compatible with various IAM infrastructures?

Yes, orchestration is designed to seamlessly integrate with various IAM infrastructures, including on-premises directories and cloud-based applications. It adapts to your organization's environment for a smooth transition.

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