User creation made easy with
customizable smart templates

Speed up your onboarding process with user templates.

Transform your
onboarding process with templates!

Identity360 offers easy-to-use, smart user creation templates for more efficient onboarding.

Smart templates
Creation rules
Smart builder

Smart templates

  • Centralize user creation across multiple identity stores, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  • Create attribute-specific templates to provision users of specific departments or branches with all the permissions they need.
  • Streamline administrative processes with templates, empowering non-admin technicians to efficiently provision new employees. This frees up time for IT admins to focus on other tasks, enhancing overall productivity.
Smart templates

Creation rules

  • Automatically organize users based on preset rules when they're added, making it simple to control who can access what without any manual effort.
  • Set up rules to auto-populate attribute values based on predefined conditions and reduce human errors that routinely occur during user provisioning.
Creation rules

Smart builder

  • Use the drag-and-drop template builder with powerful customization options to ensure users are created just the way you want.
  • Customize templates to make any attribute mandatory, hidden, editable, or read-only. This allows admins to control the attributes that can be edited by the help desk technician to whom the template is delegated.
  • Leverage existing templates to ensure consistency and accuracy across user profiles while significantly reducing the time and effort required for setup.
Smart builder

How user creation templates work in Identity360

Identity360's user-friendly creation templates streamline onboarding.

How user creation templates work in Identity360
  • 1

    Choose the directories and applications in which you would like to create a user account.

  • 2

    Use the templates to input the necessary details and common attributes shared by users.

  • 3

    Copy attributes and utilize the user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface to employ creation rules and simplify the creation of specific templates.

  • 4

    Automate repetitive tasks such as user creation and modifications using Identity360's orchestration, with the option to select your preferred user creation or modification templates.

Why opt for
user creation templates?

Sustain accuracy
and uniformity

Templates ensure a consistent format for user creation and minimize the risk of errors associated with manual user creation.

Ensure compliance

Tailor your templates to comply with your organization's policies and regulatory mandates.

Role-based access

Design templates for different roles and responsibilities within the organization to assign appropriate permissions to users.

Ease of Use

Simplify user creation with a drag-and-drop interface and creation rules.

Save time and costs

Avoid the time-consuming process of creating users from scratch with predefined settings.

Why does your organization
need smart templates?

Organizations consist of numerous departments, and it's often impractical for administrators to assign unique permissions and properties individually to users during the onboarding process. Identity360 enables the creation of predefined templates for each department. This streamlines the onboarding process, saving both time and resources and empowering non-administrative personnel to efficiently onboard employees.

Simple and efficient user creation.

Frequently asked questions

What is a user creation template and why is it used?

Identity360's user creation templates contain a predefined set of attributes and configurations used to streamline the process of creating user accounts during provisioning. This helps ensure consistency and accuracy when provisioning user accounts.

Are Identity360's user creation templates customizable?

Yes, user creation templates are customizable to streamline onboarding and maintain accuracy.

Can Identity360's user creation templates be used across multiple systems or applications?

Yes, user creation templates can be used to provision user accounts across multiple applications and chosen directories.

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