Pricing Details

Identity360 offers convenient pricing for enterprises of all sizes. Enterprises can choose their licensing plan based on their organizational needs.

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Annual License Life Cycle Management (Cost per year) MFA and SSO (Cost per year) All-inclusive (Life Cycle Management with MFA and SSO)
For 100 Users $295 $195 $395
For 200 Users $495 $295 $695
For 500 Users $1,195 $595 $1,495
For 1,000 Users $1,995 $1,195 $2,795
For 1,500 Users $2,495 $1,595 $3,495
For 2,000 Users $2,995 $1,795 $3,995
For 3,000 Users $3,495 $2,395 $4,995
For 5,000 Users $4,995 $3,495 $6,995
For 7,500 Users $5,995 $4,495 $8,995
For 10,000 Users $6,495 $4,995 $9,995
For 20,000 Users $8,495 $5,995 $11,995
For 50,000 Users $10,995 $7,995 $15,995
For 100,000 Users $12,995 $9,995 $19,995
Free trial: We offer an all-inclusive, free, 30-day trial for all users.
Once the trial period has lapsed, the product with all of its features will be free for 10 users only.

Identity360 Components

Identity360 is licensed based on two components: Life cycle management and MFA with SSO. Detailed information is given below.

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Essential Features (Free) Licensed Components
Life Cycle Management MFA and SSO
Built-in Universal Directory Smart templates for identity life cycle management Single sign-on for cloud apps
Identity sync for directories and apps Creation rules to auto-populate attributes Directory-based authentication
Directory as a Service SCIM-based user provisioning in directories and apps Application accces assignment
Directory integrations Quick help desk password resets Support for custom apps using SAML, OAuth, and OIDC
Application integrations Centralized access management using templates MFA for enterprise apps
Dynamic group support Orchestration to automate end to end life cycle management Support for custom TOTP authenticators
Role-based access control (RBAC) License assignment for Microsoft 365 services  
Built-in reports and analytics Directory-specific, in-depth reports  
Graphical dashboard    
Identity360 portal customization