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  • Endpoint MFA for Windows machines, UAC, and RDP

    Shield your Windows machines, privileged actions, and remote sessions with Identity360's endpoint MFA, serving as the front-line defense against unauthorized access and privilege escalation.

  • Universal directory

    Effortlessly import users from multiple directories, centrally manage their access to applications, and sync users' information across directories with out-of-the box integrations.

  • User lifecycle management

    Employee onboarding and offboarding across different departments can be automated across configured directories, and enterprise applications.

  • Smart templates and orchestration

    User onboarding process is simplified through predefined custom templates and orchestration profiles.

  • User sync

    User account status and privileges can be synced in real time across different directories and applications. Stay compliant with privileged access clauses as employees change roles and move across the organization.

  • Access management

    Manage user roles and access permissions from a centralized portal for enterprise applications.

  • MFA for applications

    MFA is now supported for Identity360 and enterprise application logons.

  • SSO support for SAML, OAuth, or OIDC-based apps

    Configure SSO for enterprise applications that support SAML, OAuth, or OpenID Connect protocols.

  • SCIM-based automated user life cycle management

    Automate user life cycle management and drastically decrease time required to provision or deprovision users in cloud applications utilizing System for Cross-domain Identity Management.

  • Login activity report

    Gain complete insights into users' logon activities and logon failures along with details such as the logon time, IP address, browser used, and the reason for the logon failure.

  • Directory-based authentication

    Enable users to log in to Identity360 by authenticating against any of the supported directories such as Azure AD, Google Workspace, Salesforce, and Zendesk.

  • License management

    Efficiently manage licenses by manually assigning them to users who need them, and revoking them from users who don't. Or, schedule a task with predefined criteria to automatically assign or revoke licenses from users.

  • License expiration and usage notifications

    Get notified via email when the license is about to expire, or you are about to exceed your licensed user count.


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  • Passwordless authentication

    Eliminate the inconvenience of remembering multiple passwords by replacing them with secured authenticators, enabling a seamless login experience for users across applications and devices.

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  • Automation

    Automate the entire life cycle of identities and repetitive IT administration tasks, such as group management, user access governance, and password resets.

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  • Self-service password management

    Empower end users to reset passwords and unlock accounts on their own for enterprise applications and the Identity360 portal.

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  • Endpoint MFA for VPN and OWA

    Secure VPN and OWA logins via authentication methods such as Google Authenticator, email verification, and custom TOTP authenticator.

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  • Active Directory integration

    Integrating Active Directory with Identity360 will enable you to shift your identities to the cloud seamlessly while offering unified user life cycle management, secure authentication, and centralized access management across hybrid infrastructures and multiple enterprise applications.

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  • Conditional access

    Conditional access policies will facilitate better control over users' access to resources based on specified conditions such as user roles, device, location, and time.

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Azure AD support

Extends all the capabilities of ADSelfService Plus to Azure AD users, including self-service password reset, adaptive MFA, SSO, password sync, and the Password Policy Enforcer.

Security hardening

This feature will ensure admins have configured all the important security settings in the product through a consolidated view of the security settings.

Tomcat and PostgreSQL upgradation

The Tomcat and PostgreSQL versions used in the product will soon be upgraded to versions 9.0.70 and 14.5 respectively.

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