About Identity Manager Plus

    Identity Manager Plus is a cloud-based, single sign-on (SSO) solution for enterprises. It delivers SSO to cloud-based and on-premises applications, enforces multi-factor authentication, and provides intelligence on application usage and access.


    Enterprise SSO: Provide one-click access to enterprise applications by enabling SSO. Enterprise SSO allows users to sign in once using one set of credentials and access all their corporate applications in one click.

    Access management: Ensure that the right employees have access to the right applications by assigning or revoking application access to users in bulk.

    Reporting and analytics: See comprehensive reports, detailing when a given user accessed an application. Audit administrators' activities with an exclusive report that gives details on modifications made to directories, users, and applications.

    Supported directories

    Identity Manager Plus provides out-of-the-box integrations with the following directories:

    • Azure Active Directory
    • G Suite
    • Zoho

    Using the CSV or manual option, you can also import users from other directories or systems, including on-premises AD. This makes it easy to provide users with access to the applications they need.

    Supported applications

    Identity Manager Plus supports any application—cloud-based or on-premises—that is SAML-enabled. Even if you have a custom application that supports the SAML protocol, it can be configured in Identity Manager Plus for SSO.