Getting Started

    Signing up

    Signing up for Identity Manager Plus is quite easy.

    1. Visit
    2. Enter your company name, your email address, your name, a password, and click SIGN UP.

    You can also use your existing Office 365, Google, or Zoho account to sign up.

    Once you sign up, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Click the link in that email to activate your Identity Manager Plus account and continue with the login process.

    For end users, the admin has to either send an invitation email or verify the domain they are part of. Refer to the Managing Users section for more information on how to enable Identity Manager Plus for end users.

    Signing up

    Logging in

    Administrators can log in to Identity Manager Plus using the account they used to sign up.

    End users can use either their existing directory account or the Zoho account they activated through email invitation to log into Identity Manger Plus. Refer the Logon Settings to know more.

    Admin portal and user portal

    The admin portal provides access to all the functionalities of Identity Manager Plus. It contains the dashboard, application settings, directory settings, and reports. Only users with Admin or Super Admin roles can log in to the admin portal.

    The user portal provides access to the SSO-enabled enterprise applications. All types of users can log in to the user portal.

    User roles

    Identity Manager Plus employs three types of user roles to control the privilege a user has within the service.

    User Role Admin Portal User Portal
    Dashboard Add, modify, remove applications and directories Access to reports Add and modify users Remove users License management Authenticator settings (logon settings)
    Super Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
    User No Yes

    To learn how to change a user's role, click here.


    Identity Manager Plus subscription costs are based on the number of users using the service for single sign-on. Pricing starts at $1 per user, per year.