Multi-criteria alerting

  • Features

Curb alert noise and ward off alert fatigue.

Define multiple criteria to filter out redundant alerts and get only the notifications you need.

Reduce IT alert noise

Increase alert accuracy.

Don't waste time on alerts that you don't need to act on. Run multiple conditions at the same time to improve alert accuracy and get notified only for those incidents that require your attention.

Configure in-depth notifications.

Filter your alerts based on different fields like display name, severity, message, or alert content, and receive notifications that are rich in data. Enter custom field values while defining the notification criteria to create notifications based on your requirements.

Generate intuitive alerts.

Easily set complex rules to automatically raise support tickets in ServiceDesk Plus, or submit bugs to your project management tool. Consolidate your alerts and share only those alerts that need to be discussed with your Slack team.

Customize your notification profile.

Add applications to a notification profile so users are notified when alerts from those applications satisfy specific rules. Manage the alert flow by associating applications with notification criteria and users.