Challenges faced by healthcare organizations


Legal compliance

IT teams in healthcare organizations must ensure that all their systems are validated to govern the data of their large employee base. Not being compliant with all regulations and data practices results in huge fines.


Research and development

Most healthcare organizations still rely on paper forms and spreadsheets to document their research and new scientific experiments. Traditional tools make it hard to track their progress and discover research trends.


Quality assurance in production

Healthcare companies are finding it tricky to maintain and improve the quality of their medicines using traditional software. These tools don’t allow companies to move to remote audits or use AI to analyze production data.


Supply chain disruptions

The pandemic exposed weaknesses in pharmaceutical logistics, which led to long manufacturing lead times. The lack of stable demand, coupled with poor visibility into sales data, makes forecasting the need for raw materials to ease supply chain woes particularly hard.

Creating seamless healthcare management with AppCreator



Maintain logs on the sequence of activities performed inside your custom application. Check the audit trail to identify users in case of security violations.



Create a single source of truth by pulling data from the different sources inside your organization into your app built in AppCreator.


Reporting and documentation

Collate and present information with AppCreator’s reports to help users analyze, track, and record data. Combine data sourced from reports and logs to create documentation.



Automate mundane tasks such as data report requests and ticket management. Create custom, ad hoc apps for marketing campaigns in just a couple of days rather than months. Enable your IT team to focus on big-ticket tasks.

Purpose-built software for healthcare management

  • Medical CRM

    Use AppCreator’s low-code builder to create a dedicated CRM for your organization. With a medical CRM in place, you can maintain up-to-date patient data—medical history, visit details, medical bills, etc.—and set up online portals to create and track appointments and to access reports and metrics for daily analysis.

    Medical CRM
  • Electronic quality management system (eQMS)

    Build a custom QMS to help your organization manage each new therapy's complex product development life cycle. A QMS assesses your organization’s policies, processes, and procedures, delivering feedback you can use to improve the processes around production, development, and services.

    Electronic quality management
  • Sales reps management

    Track the number of visits your field sales team makes to doctors and other customers. Give your sales managers a single dashboard where they can manage their team's expenses, view meeting reports, access support requests, and more.

    Sales reps management
  • Vendor management

    Manage your vendors through AppCreator's online portals. Upload new orders, track deliveries, manage payments, and raise support requests—all from one dashboard.

    Vendor management
Medical CRM
Goals Strategy

Sync business goalswith IT strategy

Let your business vision guide your IT development. With our powerful, low-code platform, you can collaborate with IT staff to plan, build, and launch applications faster and more reliably. Personalized interactions between health care professionals and patients boost health outcomes. AppCreator provides an effortless multi-channel experience so you can nurture such personalized exchanges.

Upgrade your healthcare management software with AppCreator.

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