Why do organizations need a DLP solution?

With governments around the world implementing strict data privacy and data security regulations, organizations need to take steps to protect against data breaches. A single data breach could lead to reputation loss and major financial penalties. It could also result in the loss of trade secrets and other sensitive information.

DLP solutions enable organizations to ensure the safety of their data. They help identify confidential information across an organization's network, enforce data access and transfer rules, and alert IT admins to any unsecured sensitive files, unauthorized file transfers, etc. They can also help detect and disrupt data leaks via USB devices, printers, emails, and more in real time.

How will a DLP solution help your organization?

Automate in-depth content inspection to locate all structured and unstructured confidential data including intellectual property and PII.

Identify, alert, and respond to potential data security threats and safeguard critical data by monitoring all file activities and modifications in real time.

Detect and shut down ransomware attacks at inception with an automated threat response mechanism, and get notified with instant, user-defined alerts.

Restrict USB and auxiliary devices from viewing or copying classified data.

Designate select applications as "trusted", allowing users to transfer confidential data between them while preventing the transfer of this data to unverified apps.

Generate instant alerts and block files with critical data—such as PII or ePHI—from being moved via enterprise and Outlook email addresses.

Mark all content originating from specific applications as "sensitive" to prevent sharing of this information with untrusted applications.

Identify the most vulnerable data by analyzing its content.

Use automated and manual file tagging capabilities to classify files based on their risk score.

DLP solutions from ManageEngine

Security auditing and DLP

DataSecurity Plus

File auditing, DLP, and data risk assessment

Audit file changes, analyze file storage and security, discover and classify sensitive data, monitor web traffic, and prevent data leaks.


Endpoints and peripheral DLP

Endpoint DLP Plus

Advanced DLP for endpoints

Automate the discovery and classification of sensitive endpoint data and proactively eliminate insider threats by enforcing rules for secure usage and transfer.


Device Control Plus

DLP for peripheral devices

Control, block, and monitor USB and peripheral devices to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive data.



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