Free Hyper-V Server Performance Monitoring Tool

Hyper-V Performance Monitoring Free Tool helps monitor Hyper-V servers and VM running on it  for CPU, memory, disk read/write and network Rx/Tx traffic. Monitor performance for two Hyper-V servers simultaneously.

Monitor Hyper-V Performance

Also, you can easily manage your Hyper-V with dedicated Hyper-V management tools with capabilities like Hyper-V dashboards, Hyper-V specific reports, Hyper-V inventory, and more.

Hyper-V Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools
Hyper-V Monitor Setting View

Set Threshold & Refresh Time Value

Hyper-V Performance Reports

Hyper-V Monitor Setting View

Advanced VM Monitoring

Need comprehensive and enhanced Hyper-V server monitoring, round the clock? Try OpManager and gain complete visibility and in depth performance reports on your VMs.

Advanced VM Monitoring
  • Discover and classify VM ware devices automatically with varied device templates.
  • Monitor critical resource performance for ESX servers.
  • Get instant notifications on the downtime and performance setbacks through email/SMS.
  • Benchmark your virtual environment performance with OpManager's exhaustive VMware reports on virtual hosts and the VMs.
  • Maintain historical performance data for future reference and analysis.
  • From monitoring performance metrics of your virtual machines to setting performance thresholds, do it all with VMware ESXi monitoring tool holistically.