Free Ping and Traceroute Tool

Want to know if your servers are up and running? Try ManageEngine Free Ping Tool! Monitor the availability of servers, routers, switches, websites, mail servers and trace route server/host. Using this tool fetch Round trip time, packet loss percentage and the number of hops. You can monitor up to 10 servers/websites simultaneously.

Furthermore, you can detect connection problems in real time from multiple geographical locations with Applications Manager's Ping Monitor.


Ping servers, devices and websites and find out about their availability, round trip time and time taken to live. Using this tool you can perform the following:

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Ping Traceroute - ManageEngine Free Tools


DNS Lookup

DNS Lookup - ManageEngine Free Tools
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HTTP Performance Monitoring

Website & Server Performance Reporting

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Network Traceroute Tool

Your troubleshooting tasks can now be easier and efficient thanks to OpManager's traceroute monitor

Free ping tool
  • Integrated into the product by default
  • Run thorough traceroute action from the server to the end device, and display critical metrics.
  • Stay informed of response times between devices and number of hops along the network path.
  • Understand underlying network issues and identify performance bottlenecks and underperforming devices.