VM Configuration Free Tool - Configure VMware ESX Servers

Configure VMware Virtual server (VM) resources such as CPU, RAM, execute Power operations and change the name of the VM's using the free VMware Configuration Tool. Monitor CPU usage and view memory, provisioned storage, and network adapter details of VMware host server and its VMs.

VM Configuration

VM Configuration tool is easy to use and offers the following.

VMware Configuration - ManageEngine Free Tools
ESX Server Configuration - ManageEngine Free Tools

VMware ESX Management

Advanced VM Monitoring

Need comprehensive and enhanced Hyper-V server monitoring, round the clock? Try OpManager and gain complete visibility and in depth performance reports on your VMs.

Advanced VM Monitoring
  • Discover and classify VM ware devices automatically with varied device templates.
  • Monitor critical resource performance for ESX servers.
  • Get instant notifications on the downtime and performance setbacks through email/SMS.
  • Benchmark your virtual environment performance with OpManager's exhaustive VMware reports on virtual hosts and the VMs.
  • Maintain historical performance data for future reference and analysis.
  • From monitoring performance metrics of your virtual machines to setting performance thresholds, do it all with VMware ESXi monitoring tool holistically.