Free Windows Server Monitoring Tool

System performance and availability is crucial for business productivity and we have the perfect tool for you! Windows Health Monitor tool is easy to use and monitors up to 20 servers/desktops simultaneously.

Alternatively, windows server monitoring can also be done on a large scale. Check out the windows monitoring capabilities offered by ManageEngine Applications Manager.

System Monitoring

Response Time

Windows Response Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools
System Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

Dashboard View

Threshold Settings

TCP Port Scanning

Port Scan Setting

TCP Port Scanning
Windows Performance Reports - ManageEngine Free Tools

Report Generation


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Application Performance Monitoring

Applications Manager provides the best application performance management and end-user monitoring services

Free Windows Health Monitor
  • Unparalleled visibility into your application's performance
  • Comprehensive monitoring for a wide range of applications
  • Alerting, automated actions and powerful reporting
  • End-user experience monitoring