Made in India.
Made for the world.

ManageEngine was established in 2002, with a vision of simplifying IT management and working towards
realizing India's dream of attaining self-reliance in the sector of enterprise IT management solutions.

About us

ManageEngine, the IT management division of Zoho Corp., crafts comprehensive IT management software with a focus on simplifying IT infrastructure management. We provide more than 120 products and free tools to address all your IT needs, at the prices you can afford.

Where it all began

Zoho Corp., then known as AdventNet, had it's humble beginnings in 1996 at a small office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In 2002, Zoho Corp. expanded our business operations to Japan, and in the same year we laid the foundation for our enterprise IT management division, ManageEngine

ManageEngine began by providing solutions for IT operations management. But in its 21-year-long journey, ManageEngine has diversified its product portfolio and today offers more than 120 products and free tools to cover all aspects of IT management, end-to-end.

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“In an age when the search for wealth and a high standard of living is driving people away from their homes, thus making them lonely, we are building a culture where employees feel at home in their workplace.”

- Sridhar Vembu, founder and CEO of Zoho Corp.

Infrastructure, rooted in India

While Mahatma Gandhi envisioned an Indian future focused on villages, that vision is being challenged by today's mass scale urbanization. Yet we still believe that world-class software can be built in the smallest of villages.

Zoho Corporation has always had a rural flavour and we continuously work towards empowering the rural talent. Currently, our rural empowerment initiative has resulted in 35 spoke offices in India, with a number of satellite offices in the near-term pipeline.

Complying with the India's data localization policy, Zoho corporation operates two data centres in India:

  • Mumbai
  • Chennai

These data centres help us to handle increasing network traffic loads and provide Indian customers with the option to host their data within their own country.

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As we gradually expand the Zoho network in India, we also want to ensure that we don't upset the delicate environmental balance. With this in mind, Zoho established its first solar farm in a village near Trichy, Tamil Nadu to responsibly minimize the company's carbon footprint.

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Going beyond Make in India

At ManageEngine, we take our CEO's philosophy to heart, and constantly strive towards placing India on the global software map. Tapping into the wealth of technical minds spread across the country, every single step in research, design, and development of our products happens at our offices in India.

To ensure each of our Indian research and development centres maintains its position on the cutting edge of technology, we invest more than 50 percent of our revenue into R&D. This helps us develop deep expertise in the technologies behind our products, deliver world-class products using our own talent in India, and create more jobs for India’s workforce. For every R&D job we create, 10 to 20 other jobs in various fields are also created.

Now while we do make our strategies on a common ground for the globe, their implementation is always carried out in the context of the local market. We call it "transnational localism", which helps us cater to our customers, as per their specific needs.

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Supporting Startup India

Startup India, a flagship initiative of the Government of India, was launched in January 2016. It works to build a strong ecosystem conducive to the growth of startup businesses, to drive sustainable economic growth, and to generate large-scale employment opportunities. Through this initiative, the Government of India aims to empower startups to grow through innovation and design.

Zoho Corp joined the Startup India initiative in 2016 and launched the Zoho for Startups program to provide fledgling startups with state-of-the-art solutions and IT tools. Under this program, ManageEngine offers free tools and free-forever editions of its products to startups recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. These offerings help the young organizations build an automated IT infrastructure and enable them to focus on their growth and development.

Since 2016, Zoho Corp has helped more than 5,000 entrepreneurs with a total combined value of INR 15 Cr. Our plans for the future in this respect involve looking into opportunities to connect with State Governments in order to provide support at a grass-roots level.

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Zoho Schools of Learning

Zoho Schools of Learning, previously known as Zoho University, were established in 2005 with a vision to provide a meaningful alternative to conventional college education.

Located in Chennai and Tenkasi, Zoho Schools recruit high school graduates from Tier II and Tier III cities and towns, and provide them with 24 months of contextual training in the field of their interest. After the successful completion of the course, graduates are offered job roles as per their expertise in Zoho Corp.

Since 2005, more than 1400+ graduates of the Zoho Schools of Learning have joined the Zoho Corp family.

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Our Journey in India
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  • 2002

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    managing IT

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    Made in India, Made
    for the World
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  • 2023

    60+ Products,
    10000+ Customers,
    5000+ Employees,
    3 hub offices,
    35 spoke offices,
    2 Datacenters

Serving the Indian market

Since 2002, ManageEngine has served more than 10,000 companies in India. Our customer directory includes seven out of the top 10 banks, three of the top five healthcare organizations, and eight of the top 10 IT companies in India.

Case Studies from Indian Market

Customer testimonials

  • VerSe Innovation Optimized their IT Management with ManageEngine Endpoint Central

  • Endpoint Central provides TASL’s IT team visibility & control over patches and vulnerabilities

  • Ascent Healthcare relies on ManageEngine tools to manage its hardware and software inventory.

  • ManageEngine tools help Powerica Ltd. optimize IT costs.

  • ManageEngine helps Cosmos Bank manage over 2,000 endpoints across branches from a central location.

Hear what our customers have to say

  • We have been using OpManager for a while now, which has made our IT process simpler and more efficient. The scalability is also good, and we have had great support from the team. Overall, it is a great product that fits our needs perfectly.

    -IT team at MRF Tyres Private Limited

  • OpManager is an ever-improving monitoring solution with new features, such as greater reporting capabilities, additional performance monitoring, failover support, and an enhanced dashboard with a great overview of all of our devices. In my opinion, it is the most beneficial tool we have.

    -HGS NOC Team

  • Prior to implementing Applications Manager, there was chaos everywhere. There was a huge visibility gap. Our complex infrastructure made it harder to detect and rectify performance issues. The tool has proved to be a perfect fit for our company.

    -IT Team at Kent RO

  • Simplelearnlogo

    It was a challenging task to keep track of all our endpoints and patch them regularly. But Endpoint Central has made it so much easier. We patched all our endpoints in just two hours for 1,800 employees with increased security and visibility.

    IT Director of Simplilearn

  • tataaslogo

    We internally refer to ServiceDesk Plus as Sahayak ("assistant" in Hindi), and now everyone on our IT team recognizes the tool by this name. It has truly lived up to its name and has been a great help to our team."

    – Yogesh Kumar,
    IT head at TASL

  • Futurewings logo

    ServiceDesk Plus MSP has been a great help in securing our IT infrastructure. We have been using ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP for a while; it customizes the process to fit our clients' needs. The solution handles the end-to-end process efficiently and has improved our service delivery to our customers.

    - Debasis Meta,
    Director at Future Netwings SecureNET

  • Futurewings logo

    The outbreak of the pandemic led to numerous complexities in our IT process. With ManageEngine Endpoint Central, we've handled several IT operations efficiently and managed our assets, patches, and mobile devices. The user-friendly interface and the advanced remote capabilities have made our lives much easier.

    - Sujith,
    Senior Technical Lead at Happiest Mind

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Made in India. Made for
the world.

Today, ManageEngine offers more than 120 products and free tools, all developed in India, that provides solutions for more than 280,000 customers across 190 countries, including nine out of every 10 Fortune 100 companies. This is why we proudly say that our products are "Made in India. Made for the world."

Our 20 offices across eleven countries and over 200 partners help us with the last mile connect to the customer.

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Corp. offices and data centers worldwide

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  • Data centers
Made in India. Made for the World Made in India. Made for the World