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How to configure 'Set Send As permissions of Groups' for specific microsoft 365 users?

In this article, I'll explain how to assign or remove Send As permission for distribution, mail-enabled security, and Microsoft 365 groups, without using powershell scripts.

What is Send As permission?

Users with Send As permission for a particular group can send emails from that group mail ID as well.

For example, say a user is a member of the Marketing distribution group and is assigned Send As permissions for that group. The user can send emails from the Marketing team's mail alias.


  • Log in to M365 Manager Plus with admin credentials.
  • Go to the Management tab.
  • Navigate to Group drop-down → Bulk Group ModificationSet Send As Permission of Groups.

    Setting Send Permission For Groups

  • In the window that opens up, either select Add Permission or Remove Permission, and select users based on your requirement.
  • Select the Microsoft 365 Tenent and Virtual Tenent to which you want to apply the selected settings.
  • Click Enter name(s) to search to select the required groups manually. If you have the groups listed in a CSV file, then click CSV Import.
  • Click Apply to execute.

    Find Groups To Modify

That's it! You have now successfully enabled the Set Send As permissions of Groups for specific users using M365 Manager Plus.

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