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Integrate Active Directory(AD) with MDM On-Premise

In any organization, AD plays an important role thanks to its extensive capabilities including but not restricted to user management, identity management, authentication etc., Integrating AD with MDM, lets MDM leverage these capabilities, to further device management.

How to integrating AD with MDM

To integrate your organization's AD with MDM, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. On the MDM console, navigate to Enrollment > Directory Services.
  2. Click on Add Domain and select On Premise AD.
  3. Enter the following details and click on Add Domain to complete the integration.
    • Domain Name
    • Domain User Name
    • Password
    • AD Domain Name
    • Domain Controller Name

To secure the communication between the MDM server and Active Directory, you can enable the LDAP SSL Port. The default port used is 636. This field is optional.

Once the integration is successful, you can utilize the AD credentials for User Authentication during enrollment, creating directory user groups and allowing users to login to the MDM console.

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