Configuring Failover Server

Downtime affects productivity and is a threat to every enterprise. Mobile Device Manager Plus allows admins to configure a secondary server that acts as a standby, whenever the primary server fails. The data in the primary server is replicated regularly on to the secondary server to ensure the device management routine is not hampered when the primary server goes down. This document explains the steps involved in configuring the failover server.


Ensure the following requirements are met before configuring the failover server.

  • Ensure that the Mobile Device Manage Plus' primary and the secondary servers belong to the same domain and are located in the same subnet. If you have configured NAT settings to redirect all communications to a local IP, ensure that the redirected communications reach the virtual IP address.

Configuring Failover Server

Follow the steps to configure failover server:

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Setting up MDMP ->Failover Server
  2. Check if all the pre-requisites for configuring the failover server are met. Click on Continue to proceed with failover server configuration.
  3. Specify the primary and secondary servers' IP address along with a virtual IP address. The communication from the managed devices is routed through the virtual IP. If NAT is configured to redirect all communications to a local IP, ensure the redirected communications reach the virtual IP address.

All requests that reach this virtual IP will be redirected to the primary server. If the primary server is not reachable, the communications will be moved to the secondary server. The secondary server will periodically sync all the data from the primary server, so that it is up-to-date. Settings can be configured to receive mail notifications, whenever one of the server is down or not reachable.

Activate Failover Server

Follow the steps given below to activate the failover server:

  1. Providing required permissions
  2. Clone server components to secondary server
  3. Activate secondary server

Providing Required Permissions

Ensure the secondary server has permissions to sync data from the primary server and vice versa.

You will have to enable the following settings:

During activation the below mentioned steps should first be performed on the primary server and then the secondary server.

Steps for sharing:

  1. Right click on the folder and click on the Sharing tab.
  2. Click Advanced Sharing.
  3. Enable Share this Folder.
  4. Specify the name as MDMServer.
  5. Click Permissions.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Choose Object Types.
  8. Enable Computers.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Under Enter Object Name, specify the secondary server name and the username with Admin privileges.
  11. Click Share Permission and select user and computer. Ensure Full Control is enabled.
  12. Click OK to complete the process.

Clone Server Components to Secondary Server

Perform the following steps on the computer where the primary Mobile Device Manager Plus server is installed:

  1. Stop the Mobile Device Manager Plus server.

  2. Navigate to <Installation_Directory>/ManageEngine/MDMServer/bin

  3. Execute Clone_Primary_Server.bat to clone and create a zip folder which contains the server components.

  4. A new zip file "" will be created in the "<Installation_Directory>/ManageEngine/MDMServer>" folder.

Activate Secondary Server

Perform the steps mentioned below on the computer where the secondary server is installed:

  1. Download Configure_Failover_Server.bat from the product by navigating to Admin -> Setting up MDMP - >Failover Server and execute it .
  2. Repeat the steps for sharing as mentioned above on the secondary server and ensure that the name of the computer where the primary server is installed is provided in step 10.

The server components are replicated to the secondary server from the primary server.

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