Backing up Device Configuration



After setting up the devices, the first operation that would be performed is backing up the device configuration. Backup could be done anytime on demand for a single device or a group of devices in bulk. It can also be automated by creating scheduled tasks.


Important Terms

  • Backup Operation denotes retrieval of current configuration from device and transfer of the same to Network Configuration Manager

  • Upload Operation denotes the transfer of the selected configuration from Network Configuration Manager to the device


Where do you store the backed up configuration files?

The backed up configuration files are stored in the Network Configuration Manager database in encrypted form. The configuration can be viewed from the "Device Details" page in the GUI.


Taking Backup of Device Configuration



Before proceeding to backup device configuration, you should have provided credentials for the device. The credentials should be valid so that the Network Configuration Manager is able to communicate with the device.

To take immediate Backup,

  1. Go to "Inventory" >> "Devices" >> Select the device or devices whose configuration has to be backedup

  2. Click on More actions >> Select "Backup" from the drop-down

  3. Once backup is over, the status will be marked as "Backedup" with a green mark. If the operation fails, a red mark is displayed.



(1) Backedup version will be stored in Network Configuration Manager only if there is a difference between currently available configuration in the device and the previously backedup version. Otherwise, it is not stored

(2) When the Backup operation fails, you can find the reason why it failed, by checking the status of the operation in the device details page.


Automating backup through schedules

You can automate device configuration backup by creating schedules. The backup can be generated at periodic intervals. Refer to scheduled tasks section for more details.



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