Discover Individual Devices

You might have added more devices to your network and may therefore need to forcefully discover these devices. You can discover such devices on demand by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings → Discovery → Add Device / Server.
  2. Type either the IP Address or the Device Name of the device to be discovered.
  3. Click on the Ping icon near the Device Name / IP Address section to ping the device and check its availability.Know more
  4. Select the required Credentials.
  5. Click on Add Device to start discovery

Discover Individual devices

What is the function of 'ping'?

OpManager continuously monitors the availability of your entire network. It sends a ping to the monitored devices every 2 minutes and records its response. If there is no response for two consecutive pings, OpManager considers the device as unavailable. During discovery, the ping function is used to determine whether the device is reachable from the OpManager server. The number of pings and their time interval can be assigned depending on our business needs.

Device availability ping

Note: The 'Add Credentials' option can be used to create a new credential that is supported by your device. Credentials are configured to access the device for discovery, classification (device model, category, etc.) and performance monitoring. Learn more

Looking to add a Linux device with SSH key-based credentials? Click here.

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