Create Custom Dashboards

The dashboard customization feature in OpManager helps you to create your network monitoring dashboard and view desired performance metrics and reports at a glance. Now, a user can create and share dashboards with other users.

NoteFor an operator to create custom dashboards, admin user has to first enable the 'Create dashboard for Operator' option.
To enable this feature go to Settings → System settings. Under General, select Enable the Allow dashboard creation for operator.

How to create a dashboard?

1. Click onDashboard. In the top right corner of the screen, click on the icon with + symbol. Create New Dashboard page opens [screen shots given below].


2. Name: Enter a unique name for the dashboard.

3. Description: Enter a description about the dashboard.

4. Click Next.


5. Select Widget(s) from the list of widget categories. You could use the search bar to find the widget. 

6. Click Next.

7. Select the user(s) whom you wish to share the dashboard with (Refer to the table below for privilege-based actions on custom dashboards).


8. You can associate the dashboards with either of the following

  • All admins and/or all operators (or)
  • You can manually select individual users.
Note: When you select all admins, all operators or both, the dashboard will be associated with existing users as well as future users in the selected group.

9. After selected users to be associated, click on create. A new dashboard is created and listed on the My Dashboard page.

Privilege-based actions allowed for admins/operators on custom dashboards

The role-based sharing/editing actions that can be performed by the admin/operator on custom dashboards have been tabulated below.




Create dashboard 



Dashboard association authority

Can associate with all users.

Can associate with other operators only

Edit/Modify Widget

On dashboards of all users.

On dashboards created by self

Delete widget / Delete Dashboard

Can delete self-created and associated  dashboards

Can delete self-created dashboards

View dashboard 


Only Self-created and associated dashboards


How to delete dashboards?

To delete a dashboard, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Dashboard > My Dashboard page
  2. Click Delete icon of the Dashboard that you want to delete. A confirmation window pops-up.
  3. Click OK to confirm deleting.
Deleting a dashboard in OpManager

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