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How Homebase hit a home run with ADAudit Plus

About Homebase

Homebase is one of the leading retailers in the United Kingdom of a wide range of home products for gardening, home furnishing, and home decor. Founded in 1979, the company employs over 6,600 people, and operates more than 160 stores and 23 standalone Bathstores across the UK and Ireland. The company's home and garden products, combined with specialist knowledge, provide a friendly, inspiring in-store experience for its customers.

Business challenges faced

Homebase operates numerous stores across various regions so it has an intricate system of multiple remote sites and a centralized database. The company runs on a hybrid Active Directory-Azure AD infrastructure. The IT team needed a robust solution that would monitor and provide detailed accounts of all the activities taking place in their environment. They also wanted a solution that would scale effortlessly to meet the expanding requirements of an enterprise of its size.

Homebase initially used another service to address its needs. However, the IT team determined the solution was not easy to operate, employed an unintuitive user interface, and key information was not clearly displayed. Additionally, the licensing model wasn't easy to customize to meet the organization's evolving requirements.


Homebase Limited (HHGL)


Retail - Home products



ADAudit Plus scores a homerun

The IT team of Homebase expressed accolades for the ADAudit Plus and ManageEngine support staffs.

"The product [ADAudit Plus] delivers exactly what we required, and service and support from the company has been outstanding. Should we need further tools in the future, ManageEngine will be at the top of the list to investigate." - Jason Hampton, infrastructure architect at Homebase Limited.

Homebase uses ADAudit Plus to identify any anomalies that might arise, and tackle issue quickly and efficiently. The solution's alerting system ensures the Homebase team will be notified of any problems instantly.

Using ADAudit Plus delivers a hassle-free experience for the Homebase IT team. The user interface is easy to understand and navigate. The solution's prebuilt reports enables the Homebase security team to detect and troubleshoot anomalies that the previous software could not. The IT team can also extend the depth of ADAudit Plus' monitoring capabilities to easily create the custom reports they need.

The team of Homebase has been quite happy with ADAudit Plus, and that extends to ManageEngine's support team. "Support from ManageEngine has been excellent!" Hampton says.

At the end of the day, Homebase receives exactly what they need from ADAudit Plus, and then some. The team is happy that their IT auditing is in reliable hands, and they have no second thoughts about reaching out to ManageEngine for further help.

About ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is an IT security and compliance solution. With over 200 event-specific reports and real-time email alerts, it provides in-depth knowledge about changes made to both the content and configurations of Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, and Windows servers. Additionally, ADAudit Plus provides thorough insight on workstation and file server access (including NetApp and EMC). For more information about ADAudit Plus, visit our website.

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