Active Directory Automation

Active Directory administrators are forced to spend most of their time performing repetitive tasks. Most often than not, they have no other option except Microsoft's native tools or PowerShell to perform those tasks, making AD management quite cumbersome and error-prone. ADManager Plus' automation, on the other hand, saves admins' valuable time and effort, and enhances their productivity. Besides error-free execution, it also allows offers the flexibility perform any AD task automatically at the desired time, just once, or every hour, day or week.

Automated AD User Creation

Provision user accounts in Active Directory, Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business/Lync, and Google Workspace simultaneously. Combined with
the option to import users list from a CSV file, and use customized templates to provision user accounts exactly the way a department or a
branch needs them, creating multiple user accounts, all at once, is turned into an effortless and completely hands-free activity.

Group Membership Management

Manage users' group memberships accurately with automation and user modification templates. These templates allow you to set up rules to
auto- update users' group memberships based on specific conditions. For example, you can create a rule to add the user to the 'approvers'
group if the user's title is 'manager'. You can also update or manage the group membership for users in bulk, by importing a CSV file containing
the list of user accounts to be modified.

Automated AD Cleanup

Automate AD cleanup by using an automation policy to define when and in what order the cleanup activities need to be performed. For
example, configure an automation policy such that inactive users (as provided via the inactive users report) are disabled, then moved to
another OU after x number of days, and ultimately deleted after y number of days. Implement this automation policy in an automation and
specify how often the automation should run.

Highlights of ADManager Plus

Automation of repetitive AD tasks

Automation of repetitive AD tasks

Choose from categories such as user, computer, group, and contact automations. Automatically unlock users, disable inactive computers, and more.

Automation of complex AD routines

Automation of complex AD routines

Automate entire routines involving a series of tasks. Configure an automation policy to define the sequence of tasks and when each of these tasks should be executed.

Workflow-controlled automation

Workflow-controlled automation

Enforce a review-approval based workflow to exercise greater control over the execution of automated tasks.

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