Active Directory User Templates

    ADManager Plus User Templates help administrators in creating or modifying user objects in Active Directory, in exactly the way they want. These templates help administrators in standardizing the values and also customizing, as per their organizational policies, the way in which all the user objects should be created or modified.

    'User creation templates' help creating new user accounts while the 'User modification templates' assist in modifying existing user accounts. Further, 'User modification templates' have rules, based on which specific fields can be modified or updated automatically, based on the changes happening to any specific field(s).

    The user creation templates and user modification templates help administrators, help desk technicians in saving huge amount of time and effort as they do not have to apply the same value to each user object individually, whenever they create or modify an user account.

    The links below will help you in knowing more about the user templates:

    Know more about working on 'User Modification Templates' through Use-Case illustrations.