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Pricing details of ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus offers convenient pricing for enterprises of all sizes. ADManager Plus license is xml-based and supplied to you through e-mail. Each ADManager Plus license includes an administrator account by default.

Note: The pricing given below is for annual license only.

License Standard Professional
1 Domain - US$795
1 Domain + 2 Help Desk Technicians US$595 US$1,795
1 Domain + 5 Help Desk Technicians US$1,195 US$3,345
1 Domain + 10 Help Desk Technicians US$2,145 US$5,395
1 Domain + 20 Help Desk Technicians US$3,345 US$7,795
1 Domain + 50 Help Desk Technicians US$5,995 US$10,795
1 Domain + 100 Help Desk Technicians US$7,795 US$11,995
1 Domain + 200 Help Desk Technicians US$10,795 US$15,595
1 Domain + 500 Help Desk Technicians US$11,995 US$17,995
Each Additional Domain US$345 US$595
Backup and Recovery add-on View pricing details
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Backup and Recovery add-on

ADManager Plus' Backup and Recovery add-on offers backup and restoration capabilities for Active Directory and Google Workspace users. The pricing listed below applies to both Standard Edition and Professional Edition licenses.

Note: The pricing given below is for annual license only.

License Standard Professional
250 user objects US$145 US$145
500 user objects US$245 US$245
1,000 user objects US$395 US$395
1,500 user objects US$595 US$595
2,000 user objects US$695 US$695
3,000 user objects US$795 US$795
5,000 user objects US$995 US$995
10,000 user objects US$1795 US$1795
20,000 user objects US$2195 US$2195
50,000 user objects US$2795 US$2795
100,000 user objects US$4795 US$4795
200,000 user objects US$6995 US$6995
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License Model: All ADManager Plus Licenses are
  • Annual subscriptions.
  • Domain-based with unlimited number of objects.


  • Prices in non-US regions will vary as they come added with a currency-purchase margin to offset fluctuations in exchange rates.
  • The no. of helpdesk technicians falls between two price slabs? Click here to get a customized quote.

Compare - Editions

ADManager Plus comes in two editions: Standard and Professional. Use the table below to find the edition that works best for your business.

Features Standard Professional
200+ Active Directory reports
Active Directory user management
Active Directory computer management
Multiple domain management
Help desk delegation *
Microsoft 365 management and reporting
Exchange Server management and reporting
Integration with ITSM and SIEM applications **
File server management
AD group, OU, contact, and GPO management
Reports scheduling
OU-based administration
Automation with orchestration capabilities
Integration with HCM applications
Active Directory migration

* OU, group-based, cross-domain, and multiple-domain AD delegation; Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace delegation; and technician-specific templates are only available in the Professional edition.

** You can integrate ADManager Plus with a wide range of ITSM, help desk, and SIEM applications. From your ITSM and help desk tools, you can perform basic AD management tasks like creating and deleting users, resetting passwords, creating groups, and more. You can also forward logs to your SIEM application to stay vigilant against security threats at all times.

Evaluation Edition
Fully-functional 'Professional Edition'; converts to 'Free Edition' after evaluation period.
Free Edition
'Standard Edition' features; restricted to only '100 Domain Objects'.

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