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Secure patients' sensitive data

Assign only the required level of access to a patient's protected health information (PHI) to doctors, nurses, health insurance executives, and others who are directly responsible for that patient and absolutely need that information.

Prove compliance to regulations
such as HIPAA.

Avoid compliance audit issues and potential consequences for your organization. Be prepared with prepackaged reports as proof of adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Protect patients' sensitive health
records from ex-employees.

Ensure your deprovisioning policy is rigid enough to remove all access rights and privileged group memberships from employee accounts the moment they leave the organization or are moved to a new role that doesn't require access to PHI.

Provision role-based employee

Configure role-based access to critical patient data while creating user accounts based on the responsibilities of that user.

Prevent insiders from walking away
with personally identifiable
information (PII).

Prevent employees from stealing personal information from payment records. Continuously monitor logon activity, terminal server access, folder access, locked out accounts, inactive accounts, and more.

Secure employee and patient data in telemedicine


Many healthcare institutions have adopted teleconsulting to address the healthcare concerns of their patients. Cyber attackers, however, have spotted opportunities in this mayhem and are carrying out attacks targeting healthcare providers, crippling their systems and compromising sensitive information. This has put an additional strain on IT security teams trying to figure out the best ways to facilitate remote work capabilities for their workforce.

With ADManager Plus, you can:
  • Grant flexible logon permissions to employees in bulk.
  • Route employee password resets, account unlocks, and requests to patient or payment information to trusted admin staff instead of IT teams for quicker resolution.
  • Empower division heads to review employees’ access requests and address any unauthorized changes before access is granted.
  • Grant time-bound privileges to medical professionals to view patients’ records.
  • Stay on top of the IT management needs of employees, and address them on-the-go using mobile apps.

With ADManager Plus, we can grant a non-stop process to our organization and this is great. Moreover we gain costs and time in managing Active Directory. Now all is automated and none of these activities needs to be checked daily. ADManager Plus has become part of our organization.

- Stefano Mazzucchelli
Desktop Application Specialist - IT Servic copy

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