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Cloud Monitoring

Elevate your cloud performance with advanced cloud monitoring services

Step into a realm of unparalleled control and efficiency with our cutting-edge cloud monitoring capabilities. In the dynamic landscape of cloud computing, Applications Manager stands as a sentinel, ensuring not just oversight but mastery over your digital infrastructure. Immerse yourself in real-time visibility, proactive issue detection, and resource optimization—all orchestrated seamlessly to equip your organization with the agility and reliability it deserves.

Applications Manager has a comprehensive suite of cloud monitoring tools goes beyond traditional solutions, offering real-time insights, proactive issue detection, and resource optimization. Whether you operate in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, our services are tailored to meet the evolving demands of your digital ecosystem, allowing you to navigate the cloud with confidence and efficiency. It empowers you to proactively discover performance bottlenecks on cloud services and quickly resolve them before they impact end users.

Cloud monitoring with ManageEngine Applications Manager

We offer multi-platform cloud monitoring

Applications Manager offers seamless multi and hybrid cloud monitoring by tracking and troubleshooting the health, availability and performance of your cloud applications. Monitor applications on the cloud to get unified visibility across all your IaaS, DBaaS, and SaaS infrastructures. With our cloud monitoring tool, automatically correlate events by mapping interdependencies between applications, services, processes, and cloud components to get a holistic view of your on-premise and cloud application tiers.

Cloud platforms monitored by Applications Manager:

Monitor cloud resources extensively

Applications Manager's cloud monitoring tool not only monitor the applications on the cloud but also the cloud resources they are built on. Monitor cloud resources extensively and gain real-time visibility into the performance, health, and utilization of your cloud infrastructure. Applications Manager's cloud monitoring tools help you proactively identify and address issues, ensuring optimal resource allocation and a seamless, high-performance cloud environment. Here are some of the resources that you can observe with our cloud monitor:

Virtual Machines (VMs) on the cloud

Gain complete insight into the performance of key components of your virtual infrastructure like CPU usage, disk and network utilization, etc. Applications Manager enables you to manage multiple virtualization technologies from the same console. Efficiently plan capacity and manage VM sprawls. Automate resource provisioning in virtual environments to improve operational efficiency. Map interdependencies between different parts of your VM applications to track down the origin of performance issues. Preemptively detect, diagnose and fix issues before the end-user is affected. Supported virtualization monitors include: VMWare ESX/ESXi, Hyper-V, Citrix Hypervisor, Citrix Virtual apps and desktops, VMware Horizon view, etc.
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cloud monitoring tools

Cloud containers

Proactively monitor all the service levels of your Docker and Kubernetes deployments, including container clusters, individual clusters, etc.Track key metrics such as cache memory, number of page faults detected, memory usage details, etc. Accelerate issue detection and resolve them before end-users are affected. Triangulate the exact element behind errors and other issues with our Root Cause Analyzer (RCA) and troubleshoot them quickly. Ensure proper connectivity between the container and the associated host by identifying and eliminating transaction bottlenecks in network traffic. Trigger appropriate container actions such as start/stop/restart. Become aware of vital container metric details such as IP address, path name, host name, etc. with configuration reports.
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Cloud Monitoring Solution

Cloud Databases

With Applications Manager's cloud monitoring tool, acquire unparalleled visibility into cloud databases like Azure SQL database, Oracle Autonomous Database, Amazon DynamoDB, and more. Get resource utilization statistics such as CPU utilization, storage utilization, IO utilization, and disk usage for a clear understanding on how efficiently the database is performing. Monitor the status of your connections to know the number of active and failed connections. This can help understand if clients can communicate with the associated database server. The cloud monitoring dashboard also shows query statistics based on different performance criteria in SQL databases to isolate the problematic ones easily. Metrics like execution time and block time can be used by IT admins to optimize and improve troublesome queries.
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Cloud Monitoring databases

Load Balancers

Prevent slow response time and service failure by checking for traffic overload and the availability of data paths in load balancers with our suite of cloud monitoring tools for load balancers. Perform frontend and backend health checks of your application from the load balancer's point of view. Tracking the status of health probes gives a detailed insight into the availability of resources to serve traffic. For quick analysis, you can sort out IP addresses in the order of the best performer to the worst. Leverage tons of visual reports in the form of charts, graphs, meters, and tables to analyze your load balancer performance with ease. Applications Manager's cloud monitoring service enables you to monitor important load balancer parameters like SNAT port usage, data path availability, health probe status, SNAT connection stats, packet counts, data throughput, and more.
Learn about Azure Load Balancer monitoring and AWS ELB monitoring.

Cloud Monitoring solution for load balancers

Key features of our cloud monitoring software

Though there are tons of cloud monitoring tools available in the market, it is important to identify ones that are feature-rich and capable of offering system-wide visibility. For deeper insight into your critical cloud resources, Applications Manager offers an array of features that makes up some of the best practices to have in a cloud monitoring software:

  1. Informative dashboards: Gain access to a customizable dashboard where you can easily setup your cloud services for a quick glance on the go. You can also create customized dashboards to monitor specific resources and metrics.
  2. Cloud application monitoring: Applications Manager can be used to monitor your business-critical applications that are deployed in cloud along with their associated dependencies. Expands your horizons with our cloud monitoring tool that has the ability to monitor every component of your application stack. We support monitoring for over 150 technologies.
  3. Performance analysis: Analyze your cloud's performance data with Applications Manager to improve and optimize the operational efficiency of your cloud environment. cloud performance monitoring has been made easy with the use of graphs, charts, and tables for cross-referencing data and identifying the root cause of problems.
  4. Microservices tracking: Tracking critical cloud microservices to understand their role and operational efficiency within your cloud environment. This can be effectively accomplieshed with out microservices monitoring capabilities.
  5. Multi-cloud support: Applications Manager has the ability to monitor public, private, and hybrid cloud services within a single console. Supported cloud technologies include AWS, , Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, Oracle (OCI), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as well as cloud applications such as Microsoft 365.
  6. Serverless monitoring: Gain insights into the health, performance, and reliability of serverless applications, such as AWS Lambda and Azure Functions to facilitate proactive issue resolution and optimization with our serverless monitoring capabilities.
  7. Cost & user management: Manage your cloud expenses by getting an in-depth cost breakdown of your instances while also being able to predict future growth trends. You also get subscription and license details to know more about service usage.
  8. Agentless monitoring: Applications Manager's cloud monitor does not require you to install an external agent for monitoring cloud instances. Just by entering the necessary configuration details, you can start tracking your cloud services in no time.
  9. Reliable alerting: Applications Manager can generate alerts when it detects symptoms of performance degradation in your cloud environment. Get notifications via SMS, email, slack messages, and more.
  10. Forecast Trends: With intelligent machine learning capabilities, Applications Manager can identify trends and interpolate data to give a future prediction of performance metrics. Ideal for resource planning, anomaly detection, and understanding growth rate.
  11. Inventory Management: Once the cloud instances are configured within the console, you can get a complete list of cloud resources within your cloud environment that are being monitored.

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