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Convert EventLog Analyzer Standalone Server to Managed Server

To convert existing Standalone Server to Distributed - Managed Server follow the procedure given below:

  • Shutdown the EventLog Analyzer Service. Ensure that ports 33335 (default MySQL) and 8400 (default 8400) are free.
  • Take a backup of database.
  • Open a Command Prompt/Console and navigate to <EventLog Analyzer Home>/troubleshooting directory.
  • Execute the ConvertToManagedServer.bat/sh file. 

It will prompt you to take backup of mysql data folder and to continue running the script.

Please take backup of database before running this script.
Do you really want to continue this script? [y/n]: y

  • It will prompt you to shut down the server or service, if it is running.

EventLog Analyzer Server is running. Server should not run while running this tool. Please shutdown the server before running this tool.

  • Enter the details of the Admin Server.

Enter Web Port of this server [8400] :8400
Enter Web Server Protocol of this server [http] :http
Enter Admin Server Name/IPAddress :EventLog-test
Enter Admin Server Web Port [8400] :8400
Enter Admin Server Web Protocol [http] :http

  • Enter the details of the Proxy Server, if required.

Use Proxy to reach Admin server [n/y] :y
Enter Proxy Server Name :proxy-server
Enter Proxy Server Port :80
Enter Proxy UserName :root
Enter Proxy Password :public

  • If this server registers successfully with the intended Admin Server, the following message is displayed.

Successfully registered with the AdminServer
Database not started. Starting .........
Table successfully updated
Server noted as Converted Managed
TablesToSync.xml delete status ::::::: true
stopping DB Server .......

Open the Admin Server UI and check the Managed Server Settings and ensure that the converted server is listed.

  • If this server cannot register with the intended Admin Server, it will prompt you to check the Admin Server availability.

Unable to connect with the Admin Server on given port and protocol. Kindly ensure the following
1. Admin Server is accessible on given port and protocol.
2. Is Admin Server behind Proxy-Server ? If so, has those details been configured ?
Exit due to error during register



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