DMZ Port Analyzer

Free DMZ Port Analyzer Software

The DMZ Port Analyzer is a free tool from ADManager Plus that allows administrators to check the status of ports required by any third party application to work with Active Directory which resides in the DMZ.

In a multi-LAN or DMZ environment, one needs to ensure the firewall does not block the ports required by Active Directory. This tool will help in identifying the status of ports specific to ADManager Plus, so that they can be opened up to allow the product to function efficiently.

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How to use this DMZ Port Analyzer?

  1. Click on DMZ Port Analyzer link to launch the utility
  2. In the first screen, provide either the hostname or IP address of the domain controller.
  3. The second screen offers you the status of ports specific to ADManager Plus.

This lists all ports that need to be opened for ADManager Plus functioning to full potential.

DMZ Port Analyzer