Network Packet Sensor

    Network Packet Sensor is an agent installation that operates as NetFlow Generator, DPI Engine, and NetSpeed Tracker. It can be used to passively capture, read, and translate raw network packets from servers. It can also perform packet-level inspection and monitor the network response time and application response time to differentiate between network and application issues. NetSpeed Tracker provides an all-inclusive view into the metrics such as jitter and latency, which can help you make adjustments to the network and its speed. Network administrators can make necessary changes to the ISP to optimize the speed.

    Note: Network Packet Sensor works only if NetFlow Analyzer runs in HTTPS mode.

    Agent Type Selection

    Since Network Packet Sensor Agent package operates as both NetFlow Generator, NetSpeed Tracker, and DPI engine, you can enable or disable the functional modes or choose both as per your monitoring needs. During installation you can only choose either NetFlow Generator, NetSpeed Tracker, or DPI Engine. However, you can configure the functional modes later under Settings > ITOM Agent > Network Packet Sensor > Actions.

    Choose 'Agent Type' during installation

    During the Network Packet Sensor Agent Package installation, an option to select the server operation as either NetFlow Generator, NetSpeed Tracker, or DPI Engine will be displayed. You can choose any one as per your monitoring needs.

    Enable or disable 'Agent Type' after installation

    You can enable or disable the agent type selection, simply by navigating in the NetFlow Analyzer's UI to Settings > ITOM Agent > Network Packet Sensor > Actions. Under Actions, you can configure the functional modes as DPI engine, NetSpeed Tracker, or NetFlow Generator, or all of them.

    Selection of Ethernet Card

    Network Packet Sensor reads, captures and translates raw network packets from the selected Ethernet Card and also conducts Deep Packet Inspection.

    You can select any Ethernet Card to read, capture, and analyze the raw network packets for Deep Packet Inspection or translate them to NetFlow packets.

    NetFlow Generator

    NetFlow Generator passively captures raw network packets from devices that don't support flow export and translates them into NetFlow packets recognized by NetFlow Analyzer. With NetFlow Generator drill down further to get data on average flow rate, flow count, last flow received and details of the listener port.

    Note: Listener Ports can be added or modified. You can add up to 5 listener ports. To configure listener ports navigate to Settings > General Settings > Server Settings.

    DPI Engine

    DPI Engine monitors the network response time and application response time, and conducts an analysis to find out whether the network or the application is at fault. The reports generated by DPI enable the network administrator to find the root cause of the poor network performance and resolve them before the end-users are affected.

    Generate DPI reports by navigating to NetFlow Analyzer UI > Reports > DPI > Forensics.

    • Select DPI Engine for which you would like to generate report.
    • Select protocol either TCP/UDP or both.
    • Define Criteria
    • Select the time period

    Note: You can retain data for the following time period: 1 hour, 2 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 3 days, and 1 week.

    With DPI drill down further to find the Application Response Time, Network Response Time and get reports on network and application traffics, top conversations, source, destination and URL hits.

    If you need help to monitor server traffic and conduct packet-level inspection, download and install Network Packet Sensor now.

    NetSpeed Tracker

    NetSpeed Tracker is an agent installation for NetFlow Analyzer that analyzes and keeps track of the internet speed provided by an ISP. NetSpeed Tracker enables you to monitor the health of the internet connection with respect to upload and download data, and volume received and sent. This agent installation gives in-depth insight into internet performance metrics such as jitter and latency.

    You can generate NetSpeed Tracker report by navigating to Reports > NetSpeed Tracker Report.

    • Select the Sensor Name and Traffic Type.
    • Select the Time period.
    • Click on, Generate Report.

    To learn how to install Network Packet Sensor, click here.