Welcome to ManageEngine OpUtils 

    Why ManageEngine OpUtils ?

    Businesses increasingly rely on their networks and resources for basic operations. ManageEngine OpUtils with its suite of comprehensive tools, addresses the need of Network Engineers for troubleshooting connectivity issues, and on-demand monitoring of the network.

    What does ManageEngine OpUtils consist of ?

    ManageEngine OpUtils comes with a set of tools and intuitive GUI to address the day-to-day needs of Network administrators and System administrators. 

    The toolkit can be used for

    • Troubleshooting connectivity issues in a LAN environment.
    • Monitoring the performance, bandwidth and traffic statistics of routers, switches and other networking resources.  
    • Providing information on IP Addresses, MAC Addresses and DNS names.
    • Tracking Desktop information such as system configuration, resource usage and software listing.
    • Monitoring Cisco devices and maintaining the devices in good condition
    • Browsing MIB's and viewing configured Traps.