Community Checker

    The Community Checker utility of the OpUtils SNMP tools, scans the range of IP Addresses to get their SNMP read and write community strings based on the pre-defined set of default and standard community strings of the switches,routers, etc.

    To get the SNMP Community String

    1. Click the Tools tab.

    2. Choose Community Checker available under the SNMP Tools category.

    3. You have an option to scan a range of IP Addresses or a single device. Select the required tab.

    4. Based on the selected tab specify the start and end IP Addresses or the IP Address/ Host Name of the device.

    5. Click Get Community.

    6. Check the result. The details of the read and write community strings of the devices are listed. Not Responded in the result could be of the following reasons:

      • The device did not respond to any of the available community string.

      • The device is not snmp-enabled (if both read and write communities could not be determined)

    To Add/Edit Community Strings

    The community Checker tool uses a pre-defined set of read and write community strings to determine the community of a device. You have an option to add or edit the list to include the community strings of the devices in your network as given below:

    1. Select the Add/Edit Community tab.

    2. Specify the read and write communities and click Add.

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