Port Scanner Tool

    The Port Scanner utility of OpUtils software enables port scanning for network TCP ports of the given IP Adddress and provides you the details of the ports that have been occupied. You have the option to associate the known applications/services with the ports, which enables you to identify the unwanted/unknown services running in the system easily.

    To Scan the Ports of a range of IP Addresses in a Network

    1. Click the Toolset tab.

    2. Choose Port Scanner available under the Network Monitoring category.

    3. You can either scan a range of IP Addresses or a single IP Address. When scanning a range, you can only specify up to five ports. Select the required option.

    4. Based on the option selected, specify a IP range or a single IP Address.

    5. Specify the Port Range.

    6. Some of the known services are associated with their default port numbers. Click Configure to either modify or to add new services to this list.

    7. Click Scan.

    8. Check the results. The IP Address and the status of the port as listening or not listening is shown. The icons and the status of the IP's are as follows:

    • - Represents listening ports

    • - Represents the nodes are responding but the port is not occupied.

    • - Represents non-responding or nonexistent IP's.

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