SNMP Graph Tool

    SNMP Graph utility of OpUtils software is used to gather real time data and draws a graph for any SNMP IP node. It also provides the MIB node information like OID, syntax, description and MIB node properties. The SNMP data to be polled should be of integer or unsigned integer data type (Counter, Gauge, or Timeticks).

    To plot an SNMP graph

    1. Click the Toolset tab.

    2. Choose SNMP Graph available under the SNMP Tools category.

    3. Enter the IP Address or the Host Name of the device to be contacted and the SNMP community.

    4. Select the Object OID or the MIB Node from the combo box (By default, eight OIDs are displayed in the OID combo box). OR enter the required Object OID or MIB Node to plot graph. Graph is plotted only for integer values. Note: You can also choose to give a node that does not have value in integer format, but the graph will not be plotted, only details about the MIB node will be provided.

    5. To configure SNMP properties click Settings located at the top right corner or click Admin -> Settings.

    6. To configure Graph settings such as the polling interval and number of plots, follow the same steps as given above.

    7. Click the Plot button.

    8. View the SNMP graph. Check the MIB Node Information and MIB Node Properties details.

      • MIB Node Information

        • MIB Name: The MIB used to query the details for plotting the graph.

        • Parent Name: Numbered OID: The unique numbered OID of the system.

        • OID : The OID of the system.

      • MIB Node Properties

        • MIB Type : Displays the type of the MIB Node.

        • Status : Displays the status of the MIB node.

        • Syntax : Displays the node characteristic. The available syntax are Bit Stream, Counter, Integer, IP address, Object Identifier, Opaque String, String, Time Ticks and Unsigned Integer.

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