Viewing files in Config File Manager

    Viewing startup and running configuration files

    OpUtils automatically downloads the startup and running configuration files when a cisco device is added to the Config File Manager tool. To view these configuration files, please follow the steps given below.

    1. Click on Networking Tools and select Config File Manager.
    2. In the list of managed devices, in the row of the device whose configuration file you wish to view, under the Config_Files column, click on the startup or running configuration files icon.
    3. This displays the configuration file of the specific device.

    Comparing configuration files

    Config File Manager enables you to compare any two configuration files that are downloaded using OpUtils. This capability helps you compare and understand the configurations applied to different cisco devices in your network.

    To compare configuration files,

    1. Goto Config File Manager under Networking Tools.
    2. In the Actions tab click on the Compare icon.
    3. Select the device, Configuration Type, and Config Files you wish to compare under the LHS and RHS input fields.

    OpUtils displays the comparison side by side and also highlights the changes between the configuration files with color codes that indicate lines that were added, deleted, or modified.